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Crock-Pot Cook & Carry SCCPVS600ECP-S

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  • Great for making food for a large group
  • Digital controls are easy to use
  • You can transport it easily without spilling the contents
  • Lid is easy to remove
  • Product is reasonably priced


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12 Hours to Cook a Roast on High!
I bought this crock pot on Feb 16th, 2021 to replace my 12 year old crockpot. I used it the first time about a month or so after I purchased it. I used the same roast recipe that I’ve been using in my crock pot for 10+ years. I always cook it on high for 5-6 hours. After 6 hours the roast was hard a...
1 year ago
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This product is great if you’re the Grinch who loves to eat BROKEN GLASS IN YOUR CHILI. For every other normal human who values their intestines staying in one piece don’t buy this. I had to work three long 12 hour shifts in a row in the hospital and being the responsible girl I am, I planned ahead ...
Joseph Gallagher
4 years ago
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Comparing Crock-Pot Cook and Carry Slow Cooker Models | Food For Net
6-Quart Programmable Slow CookersSCCPVL610-S Programmable 6-Quart Slow CookerModel Number: SCCPVL610-SSize: 6 quartsThis is another slow cooker model that I’ve actually tried and reviewed.
4 months ago
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Consumer Reports: Does Crock-Pot still make the best slow cookers?
It weighs just 7 pounds, and the aluminum pot is round and has a ceramic nonstick coating—the only one in our ratings with that feature. Another feature that sets this model apart: You can use the pot on any type of range to sear, sauté, or brown food before slow cooking.
4 months ago
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Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Digital Slow Cooker review: Crock-Pot's affordable slow cooker keeps it simple
The $59.99 Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Digital Slow Cooker is a reasonably priced slow cooker that held up well in our performance tests. You can find cheaper models, some for as little as $20, but the Crock-Pot's ability to transport food securely and in a relatively tidy fashion makes it worth the extr...
Katie Pilkington
9 years ago
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Best Slow Cookers - GearLab
The Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry is designed with that quintessential purpose in mind: cook up a large batch of your favorite recipe at home, and bring it with you to heat up and serve at a community-style meal. This model has an impressively long cook time of up to 20 hours, making it an excellen...
8 months ago
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Why I Wouldn't Recommend This Crockpot
I bought this crock pot, based on all the good reviews. After owning it a very short time, I must say, I'm surprised so many people liked it. Here's what I didn't like: - There are no handles on the crock pot itself to aid in lifting it out of casing. This is NOT a good design, as you literally have...
5 years ago
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Works Great!
A nice simple slow cooker that does what it’s supposed to. i just started using it and made pulled pork which came out excellent. The locking lid is perfect for transporting cooked food with no spills in the car. Then just put it on the table at the party and plug it in to keep the food warm.
Scotts Kitchen 2021
2 years ago
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Will burn you AND your food
I had the same crock pot for nearly 10 years before I broke the stoneware. I bought this as a replacement. It cooks WAY too hot. Food was burned into the inside when cooking for the same time as my old pot. Also, this crockpot is a huge safety hazard. My old one was hot on the outside, yes. But you ...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Does not heat
I got the white hearth & Hand with Magnolia and I basically wasted my money. The 1st time I used it it took forever cook beef stew, I was hoping it was because it was new. So I decided to try it again and it took 2 days to cook vegetable soup. I'm so mad that I didn't keep the box because I would re...
2 years ago
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6 qt


Glass lid with steam vent, removable pot

Function & Settings

Keep warm function, low slow cook function, high slow cook function

Exterior Features

Safety lid clips, safety grip handle