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  • Great for 4-6 players
  • A lot of replayability
  • Easy to learn, but hard to master
  • Lots of strategy and tactics
  • Lot of depth


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Transferring Credits and Credit by Exam at Concordia Nebraska
Academics Admissions Faith & Life Costs & Aid Our Promises Show search box Transfer to ConcordiaTransferring Credits and Credit by Exam At Concordia, we'll work with you to transfer your hard-earned credits, whether they come from taking advanced placement or dual credit classes or from equivalency ...
3 months ago
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What are the best game expansions?
**Concordia Salsa** is pretty great. The salt cities buff wine (a resource that was previously most valuable for the fact that it gets overlooked) and provide you with flexibility in pretty much every endeavor. **Corsica** is a phenomenal map for 2 players. **Artisans of Naqala** is the only good expansion for **Five Tribes** imho.
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It seems like there are very few games that are good for 5-6 players
**Concordia Venus** does 3v3 but haven't played it that way myself, I think Concordia is fantastic though. Honourable mention to **Dune**, which is godlike at 6p. Likewise with **Game of Thrones 2nd edition** and **Twilight Imperium**. Though they're kind of All Day games.
What Did You Play This Week? - (June 14, 2021)
**Concordia Venus**. Man - this has to be my favorite game so far. I absolutely adore it. The whole thing about moving, building, selling and deck building - just so fluent.
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Let's talk about Team games (the underrepresented kind)
**Concordia Venus** \- Just bought, Can't wait to try this one !. **Decrypto/Codename:** Yeah those are great party games. **878 vikings:** Played once, definitely needs to re-visit. **Captain Sonar:** didn't play this yet, real time aspect makes this one hard to get to the table too.
What Did You Play This Week? - (June 28, 2021)
But that also resulted in them providing eachother with resources whenever a prefect card was played, which resulted in me going for most of the mercator cards and trying to get resources on my own that I needed. It turned out pretty good, was a close game with ending scores of around 130/120/110. Came in second, messed up my last move but still had a lot of fun. Think I've never played a game of Concordia in which I didn't enjoy myself.
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Goethe-Institut Exams - Concordia University of Edmonton
Concordia University of Edmonton has been the official Goethe-Institut Examination Centre since 2019. Our Testing Centre staff are committed to the success of our test takers, and to ensure they have access to the high-quality exam experience and services they have come to expect from Concordia Univ...
3 months ago
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What Did You Play This Week? - (May 24, 2021)
It gets very whacky. **Concordia Venus** - I got to play this years ago when I was newer to modern board games and our two plays were 3h+ slogs, so I didn't think highly of Concordia.
What Did You Play This Week? - (August 16, 2021)
Played two games with my gf. Concordia is certainly not the prettiest game to look at, but man, the mechanics are great, you pretty much always feel like you have a ton of options on your turn, and the strategy is very open ended. I’ve always loved that you don’t add up points until the end of the game. Makes everyone feel like they’re always in it.
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What Did You Play This Week? - (March 15, 2021)
Concordia venus (1x6p). Really fun game time was about 3 hours total but would have been shorter if not for 2p with a little AP on most turns. Would recommend.


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January 1, 2022