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but I was never happy with the coffee made with it (my fault
I had reservations. My experience with coffee not picked up the local coffee place has been with my work place's Keruig, standard drip coffees, and my brief rendezvous with a French Press that I eventually knocked over and shattered on the kitchen floor. I considered buying another French Press, but...
5 years ago
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My favorite single-serving coffee solution
I've used this and an AeroPress alternately, but I find myself reaching for the Clever Dripper more often these days. It's simple, intuitive, and uses a, well, clever design in combining an immersion technique with a pour-over. You get the advantages of both with none of the disadvantages. It doesn'...
1 month ago
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Best Pour Over Coffee Makers of 2022 - GearLab
Clever Coffee Dripper has taken the traditional coffee dripper and added a unique twist. This design features a mechanism that halts liquid flow until it is placed on a cup or other vessel, combining traditional pour over coffee and an immersion method such as a french press. Water is added all at o...
8 months ago
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Trick for extra large mugs/ cups
For EXTRA large cups, the large size of the clever is a bit too small to rest on the top of my travel mug. I rest a metal nutcracker (open) to rest on the top of my mug, and then place the Clever on it. Works perfectly. And by the way, the large Clever will work with the smallest of cups as well. Th...
2 years ago
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Just use a french press. No plastic and no leaky valve to worry about.
I used one and after about 5 years or so the valve wears and starts to leak because it is impossible to clean the rubber stopper since it is inaccessable. This updated model is made of a new type of plastic that is BPA free but some BPA alternatives are even worse (Just google this article by the EP...
2 months ago
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Clever Coffee Dripper – A Full-Immersion Brewing Method - Sweet Maria's Coffee Library
Adjust the ratio of water and coffee, as well as the grind of the coffee, to suit your own preferences. Too fine a grind will filter too slowly and may be bitterBitterness is one of 5 basic tastes: Sour, Sweet, Salty, Bitter and Umami (savory flavors). There are many types of bitterness, hence...
Recently I read up on the Clever Dripper, saw a lot of good feedback on the sub on how easy and delicious it is and decided to give it a go. WOW.
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Great product highly recommend
Clever yes.. easy to use. different than pour-over in that with pour-over you have to spend the time standing there and pouring slowly the whole time and nothing else. with the Clever dripper you pour all the water in at once and then let it brew for a few minutes while you get your shoes on or make...
S brown
5 years ago
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Replaced my French press
I love this product. Works just as advertised. Flavor is great and has a super easy cleanup. I used to use a French press, I’ve now converted to this. Makes a perfect single cup of coffee.
1 month ago
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Clever Coffee Dripper Review: It's not for everyone…
The Verdict. If you’re ready to take your first steps into the delicious world of manual coffee, then the Clever Dripper is one of the best coffee makers you can choose. Its novel design allows for easy brewing without placing too much emphasis on technique
1 month ago
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