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  • Great for just the basics when out doing day to day errands
  • Kadet is a messenger bag/sling


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Chrome Industries Kadet Review | Pack Hacker
Durability & Testing. All in all, we’ve been enjoying using the Chrome Industries Kadet for two weeks in Detroit, Michigan.
2 months ago
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Chrome Industries Kadet Messenger Style Sling Bag Review
Even after weeks of testing and ownership the pack shows almost no signs of wear and tear. Final Verdict. The Kadet is a surprisingly great daypack alternative to a backpack
2 months ago
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It is one tough S.O.B!
I bought this sling bag/backpack/man utility pack for a trip with my son to Canada. I wanted something I could put my Nintendo switch, a couple Nintendo switch accessories, a small pack of butt wipes, a small pack of regular wipes, phone, keys, wallet, and chapstick. You probably aren't suppose to d...
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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I'm lukewarm on the idea of a sling, but would consider it. On a whim, I picked up a Chrome Kadet at REI yesterday and the size is pretty good but I can't quite get it to sit right. When the strap is situated on my shoulder close to my neck, the horizontal force and overall weight is rather uncomfortable. With the strap further out, on the meat of my shoulder, almost to the point of falling off, it's much more comfortable, but I feel a tension or pull in my oblique/lower back on the other side.
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Love it so far!
Purchased the Night version, which is absolutely beautiful. I've been carrying the AER Day Sling 2 for about a year and it's become tighter and tighter with everything I tend to carry. So far, I really like the Kadet. I wish it had a bit more rigidity to stand up on its own, but that's just a small ...
Marc D.
8 months ago
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Any Small EDC Sling For Cycling Recommendations?
I use a Chrome Kadet and really like it. There sternum strap is removable, the main compartment has an aquaguard zipper, there's some compression straps, and a spot to put a U lock. I've used it plenty for an overnight bag as well
Chrome Kadet Sling Bag: Killa Urban EDC
Um, the price on this one. We got to talk about the prices. My reviews aren't complete unless we talk about the prices
2 months ago
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Good companion bag to a larger travel bag.
I bought this bag with the intention of having a smaller day bag sling that I could wear front or back slung to pair up to a larger travel backpack that I'd leave at my hostels and it worked out great for that. When flying I'd keep my travel stuff (Tablet, passport, wallet, noise cancelling headphon...
3 months ago
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Looking for opinions between Sling bags before purchasing.
Go for the Kadet Sling, it has the cross body sling quick release. That's gonna help keep your sling bag stable while you ride.
A Top 3 bag I ever had in my life
Wow. Just wow. This bag is worth it for the belt buckle connector alone. The bag itself is very high quality and fits everything you need it too. Yes, it can technically fit an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, but you kind of have to force it and it stretches the bag. So I do not use this bag for my iPad 12.9 in...
Brah Dude
1 year ago
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