Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gentle cleanser
  • Helps remove excess oil, dirt and sweat
  • Light makeup without leaving the skin dry or tight afterwards


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Changed My Life
I love this face wash!!! I've had acne since my teenage years. My go to products worked great until I turned 23. My skin started to get really irritated, flakey, dry, and my acne started to get worst daily. I changed my regimen and a few products, it seemed to get better. I moved back to Louisiana a...
6 years ago
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[skin concern] looking for better suggestions for 13 year old teenage skin care
The Cetaphil cleanser is fine, and so is the Dear, Klairs toner. I would cut out the Fresh products—they’re expensive for what they actually do. If you suffer from acne or want to exfoliate (the scrub is a physical exfoliant), consider adding a chemical exfoliant.
This Old-School Cleanser Was Re-Popularized on TikTok for All the Right Reasons
It’s not particularly flashy or hyped, but it’s always there when you need it and reliably good at its job. If you want a cleanser that simply gets your face the ideal amount of clean without ever irritating it, Cetaphil is your best bet.
3 months ago
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Stop leaving a bad review because you people order the wrong face wash!
STOP LEAVING BAD REVIEWS BECAUSE YOU ORDERED THE WRONG ONE!! I have very sensitive/oily skin and cystic acne. This is the only face wash that clears my skin and gets rid of excess moisture. I absolutely love this product! To all the people leaving 1/2/3 stars because you’re mad you bought the wrong ...
3 years ago
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[shelfie] Finally found a good routine I can stick to with affordable products ! Acne prone, dehydrated, sensitive combo skin. (Routine in comments)
- Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Cleanser (i love it because it's effective, but it's gentle enough that it doesn't sting like most cleansers do for me. I was using Cerave Hydrating Cleanser before and I felt like it wasn't really washing my skin properly and left a little bit of a film on my face).
Would buy again
I used the product for year! When I was a teen and had difficult acne I tried all the name brand cleansers and their accompanying lines. Cetaphil is what finally worked and what I kept on using for years, through pregnancy and now my somewhat aging skin. I've switched the bar form now with the same ...
2 years ago
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Great product!!
Great product and value. I have combination skin and this cleanser seems to be the only thing that works for my skin. It doesn’t strip the natural oils and make your face feel dry. I am in my mid 30’s so I have had a lot of trial and error with products expensive and inexpensive over time. Cetaphil ...
3 years ago
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Beware "New and Improved"
Why would you change a product that people have been using forever? The"improved product is definitely not improved. It is runny like water.The pump bottle is cheaper ,squirts all over the sink top and continues to drip afterward.After over 30 years of using and highly recommending this product it i...
5 months ago
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[MISC] What is a product you personally regret using and why?
Cetaphil daily facial cleanser was too stripping for my skin and ruined my moisture barrier after about a month of using it. I was getting much more acne than usual, and after a bit of testing by taking every other product out of my routine did I find the culprit. Took a while to regain my skin barrier after that.
I never post reviews, but am doing so now ...
I never post reviews, but am doing so now to warn all my fellow Cetaphil lovers that this product is 100% FAKE. DO NOT PURCHASE.
Melanie Smith
5 years ago
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