Calcutta Conquest DC

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  • Great for experienced casters
  • Calcutta Conquest 200 deseed is brand new and never been used
  • BC models are not recommended
  • Shimano is the recommended reel
  • Daiwa Zillion SV Tw is a good option for beginners


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I am sure this has been asked to death here but....can you help me pick out a bait caster?
Sure the price increases but i know it’ll last a very long time to come. For shimano the calcutta conquest dc.
Reel: Okay, and my last reason why I Buy this. Uh, Calcutta Conquest 101 DC HG and the same reason I used to explain to my wife before I Buy this is I Need a bait caster that can withstand salt water or brackish water?
Mudskipper Fishing TV
2 months ago
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Whats the best setup for a beginner I’ve used spinning reels but never bait casters
Eventually i stopped until i picked up a calcutta conquest dc. And that was after 2-3 years of putting down the bc. Thats pretty expensive so i suggest you go with an slx combo. But go for the slx dc.
What is the best budget batcasting reel?
I mainly stick with shimano since i started to learn with it and ive used their flagships since i learnt. Never been a big fan of bc. But i heard many great things of the slx, was contemplating on getting that before i ended up with a calcutta conquest dc. The slx rod lineup isnt bad too.


Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

5.98 x 5.28 x 3.62 inches

Model Year


Hand Orientation

Left Hand