Concept Z SLD

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  • Great for flipping
  • Brake system is a little challenging
  • Electrical tape on the box
  • Tackle Junkies, what's going on Fellas
  • Crestliner's running great


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13 Fishing CONCEPT Z SLD Review
I think the Z slide will suit the year-round bass angler who employs a litany of techniques, in all conditions and contrasting locations. The bonus is that the materials and construction quality ensures peak performance is assured over many seasons with a basic cleaning and maintenance routine.
2 months ago
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Concept Z SLD - 13 Fishing
See what all the buzz is about! The original Concept Z rocked the industry with its groundbreaking CZB technology. Pushing the edge of design, engineering, and materials forward is what the Z is all about. The NEW Gen II Concept Z SLD doesn’t disappoint, it starts with the new SLIDE magnetic cast ...
2 months ago
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Awesome reel 13 fishing
Smoother than the original z if brake system was just little better it’d be perfect reel for me flipping pitching this reel kicks butt haven’t skipped it yet and that’s where only flaw I think will be as brake system will make this little challenging
1 year ago
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This was terrible.
This reel I bought brand new and it had electrical tape on the box. Then when I opened it it looked like it has been used. The handles look like they have dirt on them.
Barry leonardi
1 year ago
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Great reel..
The best 13 fishing reel I've ever used.
Kevin Sparks
6 months ago
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13 Fishing Concept Z Gen II SLD...FIRST Impression
Okay, it's on two. Okay, yep, kind of what I thought there.
2 months ago
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Fast delivery, product in excellent condition.
Efro Feltrin
8 months ago
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This reel bombs baits long distances! Slide switch is fantastic!
This is a fantastic reel. The slide adjustment makes things so much easier. When casting down wind, slide the break up to lessen brakes for longgg casts. When fishing into the wind, slide the break towards you, adding more breaks. This quick switch makes adjustments on the fly so much easier! This i...
Bobby B
2 years ago
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Sure wish this was available left handed in slower speeds. Shame I can't spend money.
Slow speed left hand retrieve would make this my go to for most of my reels.
1 year ago
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Fantastic Product! 9.5/10
Fantastic Baitcaster 9.5/10 Superlative quality!
1 year ago
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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

6 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4 x 4.5 x 2 inches

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