Brass Birmingham

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  • Great for 2-4 players
  • Player interaction is high
  • Very complex, but very well put together
  • Justin considers both Brass games, Lancashire and Birmingham
  • Martin Wallace is a heavyweight in board game design


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How To Teach Brass: Birmingham To New Players? (6 Steps) – Victory Conditions
In this article, I will demonstrate a step-by-step procedure on How To Teach Brass: Birmingham To New Players.
While Brass: Birmingham is regarded as a heavier board game in terms of complexity, I surprisingly had no big problems learning it. It was a standard process of reading the rules, setting ...
Best game in my collection
Brass Birmingham absolutely lives up to expectations. Let me first talk about the art. The main board and player boards are probably my most favorite components. Whether you choose to play the light or dark side, I feel the look really brings this one to shine on your table. The buildings, cards, an...
Scotty H.
3 years ago
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Get her to watch a 'watch it played' video in her own time - this worked with Brass Birmingham, as she felt like she was almost teaching me the game, pointing out things she remembered from the video. She took ownership of her own learning and I think she enjoyed that.
What's a game you enjoyed more with the 2nd time?
There are, however, games which I feel are just getting better and better and I really feel that the next play will be more enjoyable. One I would like to mention is Brass: Birmingham, played it three times now and each was better than the last one and have a feeling that the fourth is looking promising.
Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham - Geeks Under Grace
Review copies of Brass: Lancashire and Brass: Birmingham were provided generously by Roxley Games.
3 months ago
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Scythe or Brass: Birmingham?
I think Brass Birmingham is a better game, but it's also the more complex of the two. Personally, I feel like something like **Concordia** or **The Castles of Burgundy** is a better next step before you jump into something like either of those. **Everdell** and **Viticulture** are also really good medium-weight games, but less similar to the games you mentioned.
Brass vs. Brass! – Meeple Mountain
If you just love saying the words “I’ll consume two of your beer barrels to build this level 3 pottery building”, Birmingham is DEFINITELY the call. And if you prefer your games to give you a slight chance at making up for earlier mistakes in the game without sacrificing quality, Birmingham is the pick.
3 months ago
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Got a chance recently to play a copy of Brass: Birmingham and quite enjoyed the experience. One of my favorite things I enjoyed was the link and network mech.
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BRASS: BIRMINGHAM Review: An Economic Whirlwind Full Of Strikingly Reimagined Gameplay And Art — GameTyrant
Flipping through the rulebook can be a bit daunting, as you’ll have to compare and contrast rules and specific reminders about networks, era-specific industry tiles, the dos-and-don’ts of consuming resources. And the visual splendor, which after you’re familiar with the mechanics really just opens up for expressive admiration, can appear cluttered and confusing at first.But, ultimately, Brass: Birmingham is pretty accessible for a Euro-style game
3 months ago
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Which game do you find yourself thinking about strategically at all times of the day?
Right now, it is Brass Birmingham. Always finish the game wishing I had done something different and can't wait to try it again



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