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Sony WH1000XM5

Early Failure

When listening for a long period of time the right earcup begin to fade and just stop working

it a very comfortable headphone and has a really great battery life

Owned for 0.3 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Sony MDR-XB950B1


The hinge breaks easily

battery backup

Owned for 3 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Sony WH-1000XM4


Noise cancelling began to become faulty when moving around with the headphones on (static sound was created meaning it was hard to hear sounds from the headphones)

Comfy, lightweight, good sound quality and great noise cancelling until they broke. I was given a replacement pair.

Owned for 0 years, used daily

Would buy again

Sony WH-H900N

Wear and Tear

Included headphone cable broken after 2.5 years of regular use (plugged/unplugged 3-4 times a day, 4-5 hard yank outs for various reasons over 2 years) Ear pads replaced at 1 year 10 months - had begun using while mowing lawn leading to sweat exposure and heat/sun more than first year.

They're fine headphones - replacements in a bit of a pinch for my broken (days after warranty coverage expired) Bose QC25. However if I'd waited a few months, the much more comfortable Sony WH-H910Ns could have been had for similar cost. These have certainly preformed longer than the QC25s though with a bit less daily travel and much less work travel.

Owned for 2.5 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Sony WH-CH710N

Needed Warranty Repair

Retractable part of plastic headband

-nice base -good noise canceling

Owned for 0.02 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Sony WH-1000XM4

Needed Warranty Repair

Noise cancelling chip (electronics) Likely due to water damage from rain (Learned my lesson there...)

Overall still my favourite headphones. Used daily and the warranty covered the damage.

Owned for 1 years, used daily

Would buy again


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