Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal

Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal

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Great for shaping tone and providing a variety of sounds
Durable and dependable as a Boss product
Seven bands of equalization and level control optimized for guitar
Can be used to brighten or fatten up tone without affecting the amp's clean sound
Can be used as a volume pedal to cut through the mix during solos
Not ideal for high gain channels as it can add hiss and noise
Requires modifications to eliminate noise
Price may be considered a bit overpriced by some users


Overall, the Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal receives mixed reviews. While some users praise its ability to shape tone and provide a variety of sounds, others criticize its tendency to add hiss and noise to high gain channels. Some users also note the need for modifications to eliminate noise. However, many users appreciate its durability and dependability as a Boss product. The pedal's seven bands of equalization and level control are optimized for guitar and offer up to 15db of cut/boost at various frequency centers. Despite some criticisms, the Boss GE-7 7-band EQ Pedal remains a popular choice for guitarists looking to shape their tone.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH

6 x 4 x 6 inches


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