Bluesound Node 2i

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  • Great for streaming music
  • Sound quality is good
  • Bluetooth connection sometimes disappears
  • Sonos Connect is a great piece of


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Buggy software, no DLNA/UPNP support
BluOS software is incredibly buggy - it won't add NAS shares from my QNAP (it stops after 3000 songs, depsite claims of support for over 100k songs), didn't read a USB hard drive, Bluetooth option sometimes disappears. Restarting doesn't truly restart the device; you have to unplug it for at least 1...
Carter Dotson
4 years ago
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Finally Happy with My System
DAC/Streamer - Mytek Brooklyn Bridge - Moved up to this from a Bluesound Node 2i. Huge improvement imho, more detailed, more imaging, somehow the sound was no longer stuck inside the speakers.
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Great quality sound
MQA, this is why I got this device. After two month in the gravity pull of Tidal-Android/UAPP-xDSD-AKGk702 I knew that it was time for the Marantz HD-DAC1>Zamp v3.2>ProAc Tablette 50 system to start shining past the FLAC stations and the rare DSD track. I am feeding the Node 2i via analog to take ad...
4 years ago
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I’ve finally arrived. Ladies and Gentlemen, my first big boy speakers.
Speakers: Martin Logan Sequel II’s Amp: Yamaha A-S501 Source(s): BlueSound Node 2i, Marantz SACD player, Pioneer PL-930 w/ Ortofon 2M Red. I still don’t quite have the speaker placement dialed in and I think I’m going to end up redecorating that room. But, man alive do I love these things!. The sound is incredibly detailed yet not clinical.
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Streaming for everyone
What a nifty little device! It is intended to add streaming music to any existing stereo system, and that's just what it does. Mine is playing an album in Master (MQA) quality from the Tidal streaming service right now and it sounds unreasonably good. SILLY good. Yes, MQA decoding is built in. (So I...
Karl Kugel
4 years ago
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Home office by day, listening area by night
Spinning on a Cambridge Alva TT into a Cambridge CXA80 integrated, powering a pair of KLH Kendall’s. Digital path is Tidal through the Bluesound Node 2i. I have always been partial to vinyl due to the ritual and emphasis on full albums, but I’ll be damned if MQA streaming through the Node isn’t pure as the driven snow. What does everyone think about streaming masters vs. a well-pressed record?.
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My piece of audio heaven!
- Streamer: Bluesound Node 2i. Love Tidal connect. Almost 100% happy with the exception of a room mode I am dealing with which you can only hear for certain tracks, on a certain low frequency.
Sounds Incrediable
Have been upgrading my Stereo System with some new components and moving some from my Home Theater into the music only system. The Sonos Connect is a great piece of Music Equipment with some limitations, HiFi, Hi Res are a few of the limitations. If MP3/Flac meets your approval then stop now and lis...
Forrest S. Morris Jr.
4 years ago
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First Setup (Wharfedale Lintons w/ IOTAVX SA3)
The sa3 is a fantastic choice to start off with. I've had mine for over 2 years now. My son has now borrowed it and my Node 2i for his system until he can afford his own integrated and streamer. He noticed a huge difference from his Denon AVR-S650H.
Dont bother with this
So I purchased in hopes of being able to listen to Amazon HD music on my home stereo system. Its a fairly high end system and had been using Roon with Tidal / Qobuz but didnt like the high monthly subscription price. Since Amazon music doesnt really allow for external control of its player I figured...
3 years ago
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