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Benchmade Crooked River

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  • Great for large blades
  • Blade is large and fits well with a good fit and finish
  • Lightweight but feels sturdy
  • Pocket clip makes it uncomfortable to hold
  • Locking mechanism is difficult to release


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Benchmade Crooked River: Full Review | Camping, Hunting, Bushcraft, EDC, Many Uses

Well based on its strength, I think you definitely could I wouldn't do that I tend away from doing any batoning on a folder if I really need to get into some dryer wood I definitely you know, I tend to chew into it using this type of method as opposed to batoning into it With a folding knife that is so that being said it's strong I wouldn't baton with it, but it's also going to be usable around camp, you know So doing those camp chores cutting up food preparing food those types of things and again the idea with that big belly You could certainly hold it like this if you need to do some Preparation on something that you're hunting something that you actually uh, you catch You could you could use it in that way quite easily as well the way I tend to operate with my everyday carry knives Is that you know unless i'm using them a ton in one day? For specific tasks, you know repeatedly i'll just touch it up a little bit Often and therefore I don't have to worry about taking it to a sharpener You know a little stropping on the knife and you're generally good to go and I think with this knife That's probably a good approach as well Just you know touch it up regularly as opposed to letting it get really worn down and then having to take it to a sharpener There are quite a few things I like about this knife. I would say your blade steel your aesthetics overall I just find it to be a really good looking knife Your function the versatility so on the downside I would say basically size weight is going to be too much for some people as far as an everyday carry knife And then your price point for some people spending over, you know, 150 bucks is just too much and I get that Um, if that's the case for you and you still want a bench mate I would highly recommend a griptilian I love those knives But if you're willing to spend the extra money and you want something that I think is going to offer you Some overall broader use and then uh, specifically, you know If you want to have an as an everyday carry and then outdoors camping hunting type knife This is something I would definitely look into so the crooked river from bench mate I've got links down below if you want to purchase one of these knives Purchasing them via amazon will always help support the everyday tactical vids channel So thanks in advance for that if you haven't done so already, please subscribe to everyday tactical vids Like us on facebook follow us on twitter. Check us out on instagram tumblr as well
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