Bellroy Lite Sling

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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compresses down flat when not filled
  • Nice Bellroy design
  • Holds a lot for its small size


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Bellroy Lite Sling Review | Pack Hacker
Overall, we really enjoy using the Bellroy Lite Sling.
2 months ago
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​. Bellroy Sling Mini: The access on this back just seems super awkward, and i'm not crazy about it's organization options. ​. Anyway, I'm hoping one of you could help me out!
This maybe the perfect Sling
This sling holds a lot for it's small size. I have had other Belroy slings but they always felt bulky and heavy. This one doesn't. Sling bags are usually awkward on me as a women. Boobs either get in the way, or it doesn't sit flush on my back or the worst one of all is when the strap isn't long eno...
8 months ago
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Bellroy launches Lite line, including 350g 20L Daypack and 220g 7L Sling
I added product links to each image in the post, by the way.
I’m *this* close to ordering the Lite Sling to replace my slightly-too-small Sling Mini…
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Bellroy Lite Sling Review
With that said, the bag still sports a decidedly fashion-forward aesthetic without having its utility take a backseat to style. And, at under $100 all in, Bellroy’s Lite Sling actually affords pretty solid bang-for-your-buck, as well. Purchase: $85
2 months ago
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i guess i'm a sling guy now
I recently went on a week-long trip and by the end of it I was convinced that having a sling would make my next trip significantly better. I spent so much of the trip with a half empty backpack I had to carry around because it was the only way to tote the stuff I needed. I also do lots of little out...
4 months ago
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Sling bag for 3 phones, water bottle, car keys, wallet, airpods, passport
You could check out the Bellroy Sling.
First Impressions are great
First day with this bag and I'm not disappointed. I chose this bag out of all the bellroy slings because I am a fan of the material they use on the lite sling. I also like the magnetic buckle which is really secure but easy to open and close. It can fit my Nikon dslr and accessories with a little ro...
6 months ago
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Bellroy just dropped a larger version of their sling. Discuss.
Only slightly bigger height/width than their original sling but lots of improvements.
I should sell my current bellroy sling and wait for a sale for this.... I just use an arcteryx mantis 1 for now
Trying out this sling thing.
Bellroy Lite Sling was my first sling. I like it! I love how pliable and lightweight it is.
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