Arturia Keystep 37

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  • Great for chord modes
  • Arpeggiator, sequencer, and Aftertouch
  • Price £149
  • Contact Arturia | Source Distribution
  • Overcome creative hurdles


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Review: Arturia KeyStep 37
Price £149Contact Arturia | Source DistributionThe latest addition to Arturia’s ‘Step’ family, the KeyStep 37 feels reassuringly sturdy when we first remove it from its trendy box. It has weight behind it to stop if moving around when played. The range of ins and outs is one of the big draws here. T...
3 months ago
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Why does everyone have a Keystep?
Also when I fix my Moog/Realistic MG-1, my keystep 37 becomes a cv and gate controller for it, thus allowing me to sequence it via midi without having to modify it to do so. Basically they’re powerful, portable, durable, and over all easy and a pleasure to use. Even if it’s not in permanent use I will always keep it out and around because of how versatile it is.
alrighty, you fine people have helped me....
I have the Keystep 32, and if you don't care about the slightly larger form factor, I think the Keystep 37 is the better choice. And actual screen to tell you the tempo, plus the strum feature, etc. Worth the extra $. The SL MK3 is also great, but not really portable.
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Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - October 29, 2021
I got a Keystep 37 this week to use as my main midi controller, in anticipation of selling my Sledge. I make way more music in my bedroom than in my studio, so having something portable makes sense!. I really dig it so far, and kinda wish I'd gotten one sooner. It is more of a game changer than I expected!
Review: Is the Arturia KeyStep 37 the perfect MIDI and Modular controller? -
I’m finding both the arpeggiator and the sequencer a load of fun to play with especially when I have all three destinations wired up and working together. I can see how it’s a much simpler device to take to a gig with you than the KeyStep Pro and has just enough to make for a useful set although you might want to pair it with a drum machine. Arturia KeyStep 37
3 months ago
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Is it dumb to get a launchpad just for scale and chord modes?
The Arturia Keystep 37 has great chord modes. I’m in the same boat so it really helps! Plus it’s got Aftertouch, a sequencer, arpeggiator, and lights over each key to see what’s being played.
Keystep Pro & Model : Samples VS Keystep & Digitakt
The Keystep 37 fixes this. Oh, and all the ports/connectivity is excellent.
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Arturia - KeyStep 37 - KeyStep 37
A powerful tool that seamlessly controls your hardware and software instruments simultaneously. An exploratory device that encourages spontaneous creativity with its musical features. Overcome creative hurdles. Smash artistic barriers. Discover new musical horizons.Surrender to the musical journey -...
3 months ago
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What Should I Buy? /// Weekly Discussion - January 17, 2022
My rig is chiefly an MPC One, with a Minilogue XD module and Elektron Model:Cycles attached. The chord, strum, arpeggiator, etc tools on the Keystep 37 look really useful for generating ideas for patterns. Especially the immediacy of the controls on the top panel. But the Keylab models look really nice too.
Best polyphonic synth for 300 dollars? And to learn the basics.
Same goes for the phenomenally unfriendly MicroKorg (awful physical controls, awful little keyboard, only one oscillator has truly interesting waveforms). While the Microfreak is a fantastic device for the money, and has useful controls, it doesn't stand to teach much about synthesis in a "I moved this, and the sound changed like so" way. I would go for a Yamaha Reface CS or Korg Minilogue for hardware, but your best value IMO is your computer, Surge (free and vastly superior to any other free softsynth out there), and an Arturia Keystep 37 or Korg microKEY (any of them except the 25).



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