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  • Great for two players
  • Requires a lot of time to learn the rules
  • Game is not for one time investment
  • Learning Arkham Horror LCG takes some work but it's worth it in the end


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Two Player Review – A COVID Hobby
This is an excellent game for two folks holed up together trying to survive a pandemic – with a couple assumptions: 1) You either have to have at least one person who is fairly confident with tabletop games and will be responsible for learning a pretty complex rule system – or at least be willing to...
2 years ago
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The Arkham Horror LCG Buyers Guide | Covenant
Nothing fancy needed here, which is why the basic Ultimate Guard box is our go-to.
3 months ago
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Honestly went in with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had playing it. I own LOTR and Arkham Horror LCG, to me, those two games are close to perfect when it comes to Coop card games.
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The Arkham Horror LCG does it better than any game I've ever seen, and with amazing thematic effect - just to name one example, the Essex County Express, where>! you're racing to get to the front of a collapsing train!<.
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A Test of Will - The Unspeakable Oath - Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Type: Event Class: Survivor Cost: 1 Level: 1 Willpower: 1 Intellect: 0 Combat: 0 Agility: 0 Wild: 0 Spirit. Fast. Play when an investigator at your location draws a non-weakness treachery card. Cancel that card’s revelation effect. Exile A Test of Will. With or without hope, all you can do is resist. Quantity: 2 Number: 156 Illustrator: Stanislav Dikolenko
3 months ago
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I thought Etherfields was under-scored and Arkham Horror LCG was over-scored. According to BGG my heaviest game is Mage Knight which also seems a bit off.
Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a Fantastic Wallet Killer
I’ve been able to find an expansive game that my wife and I exclusively play together and have been able to pack the next two or three scenarios into a small portable box to take with us on parental visits so we can have a little bit of time to ourselves. While chasing a complete collection is great fun, it’s costly and not for everyone. For that reason, if AHLCG interests you, start with the core box and one of the deluxe boxes from any cycle
3 months ago
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Am I crazy for not liking Arkham Horror lcg?
Meanwhile, I think Arkham Horror LCG is a fantastic game. Not my favorite mind you but it is pretty up there.
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Great as long as you’re ready to invest
Before you consider purchasing this, you need to know this is a living card game. That is, that the game is not designed to be replayed over and over again (although there is some replayability). Instead, every month an expansion is released for the game that offers new scenarios and some other new ...
Ryan Roth
3 years ago
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What's your favourite game when it comes to originality?
**Arkham Horror LCG** feels unlike anything else I’ve ever played. The ever-changing and replayable campaigns, the build-your-character borderline-RPG deck customisation, the “board” of locations that shift and change with every scenario, and often within the same scenario, the token bag that adds so much tension and can be effortlessly adjusted to suit your difficulty level. While it borrows all sorts of hallmarks from other card games, especially FFGs LCG line, the game itself is unique.


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