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  • Great for gaming
  • Good color and contrast
  • Low input lag and quick response time
  • Very good contrast ratio, resulting in deep blacks
  • Poor viewing angles


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Although it doesn't get very bright to combat glare in most rooms, it has decent reflection handling, so it will still perform well in an average-lit room.
Alexander Tozzi
4 months ago
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1440p 144hz on a budget - which to choose?
I've got the AOC 24g2 which is basically the IPS/flat version of the C24g1. No major complaints from me if you can put up with the usual IPS bleed (which I don't really notice as I don't play many games in dimly lit room)
Works great, other than this dead pixel...
UPDATE: My monitor has had two more dead pixels crop up. AOC support said that this isn't covered by their pixel warranty. I was told all three pixels had to be side by side to be covered. Pretty disappointed with preordering this. ————— I upgraded from a 1920x1080 60hz monitor. I mostly play games....
Justin White
4 years ago
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3. Monitor Gaming LCD VA AOC C24G1, 24" Full HD, 144Hz, FreeSync - many great reviews, 1 ms response time, for the price of 165$. 4. Monitor Gaming LED VA AOC G2490VXA, 23.8", Full HD, 144Hz, FreeSync - Mixed reviews , 1 ms response time, price of 145$.
AOC C24G1 VA vs ASUS VG249Q IPS. Both 144 hz and adjustable stand.
Great for gaming, but can't recommend.
The underlying product is a (S)VA panel. +Good color and contrast (not quite as pronounced as my other VA panel, but easily matches/exceeds my IPS panel). +Good viewing angles: vertical is forgiving, about 90-degrees horizontal (+/- 45-degrees off center) without issue. =New to the design but not so...
3 years ago
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Amazon’s Choice - AOC C24G1 - 1080p 144Hz Gaming Monitor - TechteamGB
Now in the UK, the g2 is actually significantly cheaper by a very big margin than the g1, which makes buying this one a no-brainer in comparison. If you want to buy either of these monitors or just see pricing when and where you watch, this do take a look at the links in the description down below those are Amazon affiliate links, but they will take you to your local Amazon store. We see all that good stuff with that said, I would highly recommend you do check out either of these two
4 months ago
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Purchased it and originally loved it, it worked fine for about 5 hours. I turned on the FPS display setting in the monitor settings, then it shot a bunch of flickering images across the screen, and in the process, killed one of the pixels in the upper left of the screen. Ordered a replacement, which...
Brendan G
3 years ago
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The Cheapest 144Hz Monitor on Amazon is Actually GOOD! - AOC C24G1 Detailed Review
Well, it's almost like any other 1080p 24 inch monitor, but with a little more benefits, it's bright enough, so you'll be able to enjoy doing whatever you want to do. Content looks fine and can deliver pleasing highlights because of its high contrast ratio, even though it doesn't support HDR, which was also further helped by its good color calibration out of the box, and even though this suffers slightly from that weird grain.
Bijan Jamshidi
4 months ago
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Works for PS5 at 120 Hz!!!
I purchased this monitor in preparation for the release of the PS5. Initially, I couldn't seem to find a way for it to output in 120 hz. After a little trial and error, I found the solution. Here is how to output in 120 hz, just keep in mind that not all games currently on the PS5 are 120 hz capable...
2 years ago
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Display Type

LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

Energy Class

Class F

Energy Consumption per Year

33 kWh

Diagonal Size