AOC 24G2

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  • Great for gaming
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Low input lag
  • Excellent response time
  • Small screen size


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AOC 24G2
The AOC 24G2 is an excellent budget gaming monitor. It delivers incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay due to its low input lag, 144Hz refresh rate, and exceptional response times. Its small screen size and 1080p resolution are a bit limiting for productivity, and its viewing angles are somewhat ...
Samuel Breton
5 months ago
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Overall: 3.5/5, There are devices with a better screen and GPU for a little more, but nothing beats the CPU the laptop is packing in this price range. With the money you saved instead of buying better laptops, you can buy a budget gaming monitor such as the ASUS vp24qgr, AOC 24g2, or even the ViewSonic XG2405. You can also spend it on extra ram or more storage as the 512GB storage is not enough for any creative work assuming you'll be archiving. Thermals are great for the price but uncomfortable on top of your lap.
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Good luck. You will need it for the panel lottery.
tl;dr. AOC 24G2 is a great monitor if (1) you luck out in the panel lottery, or (2) you're willing to overlook dead subpixels and/or glaring uniformity issues for the cheap price tag. tl;dr2. Beware AOC 24G2 doesn't have 126% "gamut coverage" of the sRGB color space. Its actual sRGB gamut coverage i...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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[MONITOR] Lenovo Legion Y25-25 24.5-inch, 240HZ, IPS - $215.99 (LENOVO GOLD PERKS SEE COMMENTS - CYBER MONDAY DEAL)
I think the only differences between the two are that the 24G2 has regular Freesync (and is not listed on Nvidia's website as G-Sync Compatible) and the Y25-25 has Freesync Premium (but is listed as G-Sync Compatible). Bottom line, if you're waiting for an IPS with a super high refresh rate and is G-Sync Compatible/Freesync that is sub $300, this is it.
1080p 144hz IPS?? AOC 24G2U Review
I think I've made it clear enough that I definitely would would I recommend it to you. Well again, I think I've also made that pretty clear that, yes, this is a fantastic experience. I can highly recommend it and as long as you're, okay, with putting up with a slightly slower panel, you get much lesser colors, great viewing angles and, of course, an incredibly responsive overall experience that, like I said, I'm more than happy to recommend
5 months ago
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This is garbage with a screen...
The media could not be loaded. How does this thing have nearly 5 star reviews?! I have NEVER owned a monitor that looked this bad in my life... The ghosting is unreal... The image is blurry.. The settings are terrible... I returned my first one thinking I received a bad screen and got another only t...
Joshua M
2 years ago
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[Monitor] Asus VP249QGR 23.8" 144hz IPS - $159.99 (Restock)
It's good. I primarily use an Acer Pred 1440p 165hz IPS monitor, and I got this monitor a month ago to use for another PC. I paid nearly $400 for my Acer and was blown away by the clarity and colors. This is nearly on the same level since it's 24 inches and 1080.
I know this might be stupid, but why not
It's all about speed, instead of making a better monitor. My 8 year old Dell IPS has better colors and much better viewing angles than the AOC 24G2 (released last year) did, so I was disappointed to find that out, and that's one of the highly praised gaming monitors (although it's technically a budget option). The AOC 24G2 I bought also came with dead pixels, so it was returned or a refund.
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AOC 24G2 Review, The Best 1080p 144Hz Monitor You Can Get!
The 24 g2 also delivers above-average color performance. This includes decent factory grayscale performance, superb contrast for an IPS good uniformity, a flat panel with acceptable viewing angles and solid, wide gamut coverage, which is rare among monitors of this type. This combination of strong colors and strong motion performance is going to make the 24 g2 highly sought-after for gamers
Hardware Unboxed
5 months ago
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This is a good monitor for its price point. Comparing to other monitors of the same resolution found in stores this is actually a bargain. The gaming features and 144hz 1ms response are a major plus. Anything like that in stores like Bestbuy is min. $300 or up. *** Sidenote MONITOR IS 27' DIAGONAL. ...
B. Moran
1 year ago
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