Amazfit GTR 2

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  • Great for the price
  • Sleep accuracy similar to fitbit
  • Synchs quickly
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Lasts much longer than the more expensive smart watches


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Looks decent. Tells time. that's about it.
Honestly I wanted to like this. I specifically got this for the 3GB storage (for songs and what not) however the APP is ****TERRIBLE**** You MUST use the ZEPP app to use the watch and the entire interface is just garbage. There is no "storage" option where you can upload your song info to it. Additi...
1 year ago
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I tried Amazfit gtr 2 and honor magic watch 2 and all they do is sending my notifcations as a generic text without the app icon. So I could never tell which is which. I need a smartwatch that display the notification with the right app icon.
Best deal
I do not understand people that compare this watch with $1000 Apple and rate it lower for not doing all that Apple is doing. Some review even makes me laugh. This is best watch on Amazon for the money. I had the Samsung S3 way more expensive and the battery wont hold even for a day. This one goes fo...
1 year ago
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Great battery, nice looking, and a smooth GUI
I am an engineer and I am in and out of a lot of equipment rooms and working with tools all day, so I'm pretty hard on my watches, so I skipped the Apple Watches out of fear that I would smash one yearly... But at $175 I'm not worried about the GTR 2. I've been wearing it for two months now and I ha...
W. Murphy
2 years ago
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Help me buy my first smartwatch
I'll get my Amazfit GTR 2 in a couple of days bought off Amazon (international shipping) for 170€. It has 14 days battery life.
Would like additional functionality
Started using the watch about 4 days ago and have compared it to several other watches. I really like the screen and have gotten used to navigating around the watch, farily simple after a few days. Even though I enjoy the simplicity of the watch I would have liked additional functionality. Pro's Scr...
2 years ago
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Good watch if everything worked properly, which it doesn't
The gtr2 had good reviews, so I got one. At first it seemed to work ok, but after a week or so the sleep app was way off. It would have me sleeping 2-3 hours and I slept for 7-8 hours. Sometimes it would have the start sleep time or the wake up time correct, but never both of them. One day it had me...
upset Customer
2 years ago
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Need advice to buy my first smartwatch
If, instead, you are ok with the turn-by-turn directions being relayed to your watch, then I would recommend either the Amazfit GTR 2/GTS2 (round or square, as you prefer). Both watches have viewable (but not actionable) notifications and with third party apps, those notifications can be highly customized. Similarly, there are third-party apps that will relay turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps to the watch. Finally, both the GTR 2 and GTS 2 (not "e" or "mini") have a speaker and a mic and can answer calls from the watch.
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Great watch that doesn’t work
The media could not be loaded. I received a dead watch on Sept 24, 2021. I was sent a replacement on Sept 25, 2021. I had an Amazfit bip that served me faithfully from 2017 until it died mid September. In the week and a half that I’ve had this watch, it’s frozen on me three times. As of this post, t...
Ruben Cruz
1 year ago
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Plays nice with my iPhone
Great alternative for iPhone users. I’ve had it for three months now. Looks were very important to me and the Apple Watch is not an attractive design. Everyone at work who saw it said they loved it’s looks better than Apple . Even Apple Watch users preferred this watch’s looks to their own. Before s...
Shaun Izad
1 year ago
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