3F UL Gear Lanshan 2

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  • Great for up to -10 degrees Celsius
  • Wind, rain, and a bit of snow
  • Full usage of inner floor without internal poles
  • Not a condensation sponge


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LanShan 2 Tent Review
Of the Lanshan resellers, 3F UL and Mier are the most reputable and reliable.Disclosure: The author purchased this tent.
3 months ago
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I've just bought a 3F UL Lanshan 2 PLUS 2021, and despite watching around 10 videos of how to pitch it, I can't seem to do a good job! It's driving me insane! The edges and doors come far too low to the ground, even with my poles at 127cm (50 inches) or more and the seams don't pull out straight.
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3F UL Lanshan 2 PRO Ultralight Tent 2 Person 20D -
3F UL Lanshan 2 PRO Ultralight Tent 2 Person 20D. 2 person tent. Type: 3 Season Tent 2 person 1 layer
3 months ago
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Budget friendly backpacking tent with space for dog
These trade to thinner and lighter 20d fabrics so you have to be careful that your dog won't damage them. Another alternative is the 3F UL Gear LanShan 2p Pro. This is a trekking pole tent that is very light weight and decently durable. You will need to get a pair of trekking poles (I recommend the Cascade Mountain Tech carbon fiber poles aka "the Costco poles" as a great budget option).
Excellent Tent.
This is a great tent, if you're willing to spend an hour seam sealing. Excellent size, big enough for 2x 6'3"- 6'5" adults. It even came with the syringe for seam sealing and a ground cover (unexpected bonus). Tent was FedExed from China in less than a week and a half. Lots of upgrades from the orig...
2 years ago
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Lanshan 2 Tent Review: The best $100 lightweight tent?
The Lanshan 2 packs down really small, is simple to use, weighs just a smidge over a kilo and easily sleeps two people. Mine has suffered through multiple hikes and aside from all the leaf litter inside, is only showing minor signs of use. The Lanshan 2 is a great budget lightweight tent!
r/Ultralight - The Purchase Advice Thread - Week of February 28, 2022
Full usage of inner floor without internal poles, not a condensation sponge. Intended uses: shorter through hikes (under 3 weeks). From a quick survey I think only the 3f ul gear lanshan 2 (hopefully) fits the bill, but perhaps I'm missing out here on another tent.
Lanshan 2 pro 3 season
I have a Lanshan 1 Pro, and wanted a little more room for the wetter seasons. The tents cannot be seam taped, so you have to seam seal it before using (it WILL leak if you don't). While I used the syringe on my 1Pro, I used a brush, and a thinned down - with mineral spirits - seam sealer for silicon...
Al Mashburn
1 year ago
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How bad is silnylon in rain........ really?
Get the lanshan 3f ul 3 season. Best priced and driest tent I've used, and I have used it quite an bit in the pnw. It's a clone duplex but silnylon
1-2 Person Backpacking Tent Recommendations?
If you want a budget option at less than $200 then the 3F UL Gear LanShan 2p and its OEMs work great. I prefer the Paria Outdoor Products Arches version of this as it has a lifetime warranty and US support. The Naturehike CloudUP 2p and 3p SilPoly (more durable) or SilNylon (lighter weight) are also excellent for the money.


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