Best Neumi BS5 Alternatives

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Things to consider when looking for the best Neumi BS5 alternatives

When comparing reviews for products, these are the top things reviewers talk about:

  • Connectivity: 40 mentions
  • Sound quality: 23 mentions
  • Wireless connectivity: 22 mentions
  • Wireless: 9 mentions
  • Mids: 7 mentions
  • Price: 3 mentions
  • Design: 3 mentions
  • Bass: 1 mention

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Great integration with existing stereo systems
Improved audio quality and processing power
Ease of use and simple setup
Not supported by the company anymore
High price compared to similar products
Some users have experienced delays and difficulties with setup


Overall, the Sonos Connect receives mixed reviews. Some users praise its ease of use and ability to integrate with existing stereo systems, while others criticize its high price and lack of support from the company. The device's audio quality and processing power are generally seen as improvements over previous models, but some users have experienced delays and difficulties with setup. Despite its flaws, many users still recommend the Sonos Connect as a necessary addition to any home audio setup.