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Finding good products is hard

Finding good products is hard—there is too much noise

Are you tired of wading through bad Google results and fake reviews? Researching products is time-consuming and frustrating.

Looria finds the best products that fit your needs and budget

Looria finds the best products that fit your needs and budget

We gather reviews from the most trusted sources, filter out the fake ones, and summarize the findings so you can make more informed purchase decisions.

Logos of the trusted sourcesWe curate a group of the world's most trusted review sources...
Scoring system illustration...assign quality scores to their reviews...
LooriaGrade illustration...and apply a weighted average to summarize their opinions.
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Instant answers from ChatGPT bot

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Instead of spending hours doing research...
...let our bot do the research and get instant answers.
The bot is trained on over 200k Reddit comments and posts.

How ChatGPT bot works

  • Use Kadoa technology to extract all posts and comments up to three years ago.
  • Index all the Reddit content in a database.
  • Look up similar posts based on the question and summarize the answer.

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Our bot's architecture and workflow can be adapted to suit a wide range of use cases. If you have a such a project in mind, don't hesitate to contact us at
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Reddit's Favorite Products

Looria analyzes Reddit posts and comments to find the most popular products.

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Learn how products perform over their lifetime

Find out how long products last, where they break, and how to fix them

Common stress points

Find out what the common failure modes of product are.

Quality declines

See if a product's/brand's quality has changed or gone down at some point. Let's keep corporations accountable.

Average longevity

Learn how long products of a brand last and compare them with the average longevity of a category.


Everything breaks eventually, but when it does, can you easily repair/fix it?

About Looria

The team behind Looria

Adrian Krebs
Adrian Krebs
Johannes Engler
Johannes Engler
Tavis Lochhead
Tavis Lochhead

Looria is a team of curious engineering and business minds committed to radically improving how people make purchase decisions. The founding team deeply understands the product review space and started working on Looria out of personal frustrations with the current product research experience.

Let us know what you think! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for this contribution, and I highly appreciate an unbiased kind of guide or masterlist coming here.
This is cool, literally 90% of my google searches are ‘best ___ reddit”
Fuck I’m impressed. No more “best [insert item here] Reddit” searches on google
Really great awesome idea to solve the painful experience when choosing new laptop which varies every year.
Wow. The website looks so clean and informative. I really like the videos part.
Such a cool website. Thank you! It’s hard to find unbiased information or information without clear costs called out. This has both. Will definitely keep in mind for my search.
Huge undertaking to get this started which will help so many. Keep it up !
Hell yeah! Feels good to know that the pack I just bought (kotopaxi alpa) based on my own research, is one of the top ones on here!
Not all heroes wear capes...but this one clearly wears backpacks. Discovering this at a time where I need a new day pack for hiking is perfect. Thanks for creating and sharing.
You represent the diamond-like twinkle, the glint on the tanto edge of the knife community, in the warm light of the well researched sun. Illuminate, simplify, and sharpen the search for the next knife!

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