Woom 1 12-Inch Balance Bike vs Kingdomino

  • Great for children aged 3 and up
  • Expensive but worth it
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for practicing balance
  • Great for families
  • Complex but accessible
  • Award-winning game

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GIANT Kingdomino Review with the Game Boy Geek

I mean this thing is huge Here are the big meeples in this game check this out the smallest ones to the largest ones. These are huge And here is a scaled-down version of a quarter so you can really see how big this huge meeple is Now here are the castles and you can see the size here again about twice the size And there's the quarter to show you how big this really is now Here's the same tile with this base game laid on top of the giant version now the small Normal base version is about three inches long by one and a half inches wide where the giant is basically twice as big It's six inches long by three inches wide Here's a shot of the same exact kingdom built with the base game and the giant version to give you a sense of the scale Now here's that same Kingdom the exact same one as the space game and here it is right here in the middle It's lined up with the middle of this one so you can then again see my hand can almost fit over this whole thing here But it's not even close here Now the total size of these this small base game is eight inches by eight inches if you do a perfect five by five grid I shown here and the Giants twice that 16 inches by 16 inches so each player is gonna need 16 by 16 at least of space to be able to play Now my favorite part about this is that even on the tiles where things are large like this big dragon You get to see so much more detail in these Tiles look at this look at the eyes and how scared that sheep is of the dragon that I never noticed before I come on here and I put the regular one and you probably never notice even if you look really close You can barely see the eyes But in this one, you really see that this tile tells a story that you weren't able to see before And take a look at this forest tile. We have this person who's fighting a huge spider I never noticed since in the original one Now it's a little bit bigger in this one that if you looked closely you probably would have been able to actually see it But it's something I just didn't really notice before And look at this guy walking through the forest with the Hugh Among Us boots again It was there in the original but it wasn't quite as noticeable there. It really sticks out now now in this one You can really see a lot of the detail of what's going on
1 month ago


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