Samsung Q80T vs Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA

  • Great for gaming
  • Good picture quality
  • Some issues with banding and Dirty Screen Effect
  • Could be better if not for Smart features
  • Overall, a good TV
  • Great for 4k resolution
  • Good overall TV
  • High pixel density
  • Thin design separates it from its bulkier brethren
  • Serviceable speakers

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2nd Purchase only Bigger!
Okay, Here we go, my blood pressure is already rising as I’m waiting to find out how I was scammed. First the Service Rep apologized for it not being a repairable problem and immediately asked when the could Schedule the appointment to pick up my broken TV and bring me a Brand New One, a time that would be convenient for me. Wait, did I hear that correctly, what’s the catch? I asked he to repeat what he said and also to let me know how much out of pocket it was going to cost me for a New TV, that I think he just said, they are bringing me to replace my 2 years old broken TV? Long story short, they delivered a Newer Model as mine was discontinued, they apologized again (poor me they upgraded my broken TV for a newer model, I think I’ll live) and it cost me absolutely zip, zero, zilc, nada, NOTHING!!! I couldn’t wait to tell the Wife this story as I am going to exaggerate, embellish and make up a story of how I had to fight them to get this Newer Model and I wasn’t going to pay them a penny (come on, every guy does this, we all want to be the hero in our wives eyes). It didn’t matter because during this whole fiasco, it turned out the wife was defective too and like she said, the TV was my idea so, I got the New Newer TV for free all for myself and she didn’t get it (of course she got the House, Cars, the Dogs, basically everything but, the TV and Almost All Of My Money for the next too many years, that’s a divorce in New York, it’s all about the ladies and I’m okay with that but, this is about a TV & the Extended Warranty and I got both!!!)
2 years ago


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