REP Fitness AB-3000 vs REP Fitness AB-5000

Great quality and sturdy construction
Comfortable pads that can handle serious weight
Versatile with many adjustable angles
Comparable to more expensive options from Rep or Rogue
Direct purchase from REP Fitness website can save money
Great quality and durability
Zero-gap design for comfortable use
Ability to perform decline and ab exercises
Competitive pricing compared to similar benches
Beautifully finished on the undersurface
Not easy to assemble
Foot rollers can make it difficult to tuck feet underneath
Price increase and stock availability issues with other REP Fitness products (not specific to AB-3000)
Not lightweight
Expensive with additional attachments
Some concerns about potential issues with the bench


The REP Fitness AB-3000 is a highly recommended adjustable bench for home gym users. It is sturdy, comfortable, and can handle serious weight. Assembly can be frustrating, but using the right tools can make it go smoother. The bench has foot rollers, which can make it difficult to tuck feet underneath, but it does not affect performance. The bench is versatile with many adjustable angles. It is recommended to buy directly from the REP Fitness website to avoid paying extra. The bench is comparable to more expensive options from Rep or Rogue. Overall, the REP Fitness AB-3000 is a professional, high-quality piece of equipment that is worth the investment.


Overall, the REP Fitness AB-5000 adjustable weight bench receives positive reviews for its quality and features, such as the zero-gap design and ability to perform decline and ab exercises. However, some reviewers note that it is heavy and expensive, especially with additional attachments. The No-Gap feature is seen as a mixed bag, with some finding it gimmicky and others appreciating it. There are also some concerns about potential issues with the bench and the inconvenience of adjusting the lower seat. Despite these minor drawbacks, the REP Fitness AB-5000 is generally considered a solid piece of equipment that offers good value for its price.

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