REI Co-op Diamond Pin vs The North Face Surge II Daypack

  • Made for the outdoors
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Easy access to gear on the outside of pack
  • Lightweight frame with a durable fabric shell
  • Great for everyday carry and travel
  • Classic outdoor aesthetic
  • Clean lines
  • Good for camping, road trips, work commute
  • Men's and women's versions available

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REI Co-op Diamond Pin
Backpacking Gear List + Brand Recommendations — Billy DeKom
trips who don’t want to break the bank). I’m a photographer who likes to go on several-day overnight trips, so lightweight gear that leaves room for heavy camera + lenses is where my priorities are.What I look for in backpacking gear:Durability (I want gear that can hold up over many miles and many trips)Weight (balancing “the lighter the better” with the reality that with backpacking gear often the lower the weight, the higher the price)Does it pack down (you’ve only got so much space in your backpack, so finding items that can compress or pack down to a smaller size is super helpful)Comfort (footwear, clothing, the pack... if you’re gonna be carrying it all over long distances for days or weeks at a time it’s gotta be comfortable) Budget (can be a very real and limiting factor that I don’t want to gloss over or be insensitive about, we tried to use a lot of our front-country camping gear for as long as we could and slowly transitioned over to this gear list below over a few years time)One of the above criteria may be more important to you than the other, but they all play a part in choosing your gear.
5 months ago
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The North Face Surge II Daypack
The North Face Surge Backpack Review | Pack Hacker
Since this compartment only opens up horseshoe-style and the bag itself has a long profile, it can be difficult to get to items at the bottom of the bag. So you’ll have to pack your items vertically for easy access or dig around for a bit. Some strategic packing is necessary here, especially if you plan to pack small organizer pouches
6 months ago
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