Patagonia Side Current Tee vs Sportneer Wearable Hoodie Sleeping Bag

  • Great for layering
  • Comfortable, but not the most durable
  • Good quality fabric
  • Runs a bit small
  • Not as breathable as other options
  • Great for soccer games
  • Blocks the wind
  • Bought two,sending
  • Not waterproof or water resistant

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Patagonia Side Current Tee
Patagonia's Regenerative Organic Cotton and... Mangos? -
So in that respect it strikes a good balance, and I was glad it didn’t feel overly heavy. It’s worth noting that Patagonia does indeed bill this as a ‘lightweight’ cotton shirt. Approved by Trudy the Boxer
5 months ago
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Sportneer Wearable Hoodie Sleeping Bag
Absorbs water like a sponge. Not waterproof.
First the bad news. The sleeping bag is not waterproof or water resistant in any way. It soaks up water like a sponge, plain and simple. Anyone disagrees, I can make a video. First thing I checked, because no one wants to spend the night soggy and miserable. Everything else about the sack is great. ...
Myrah McRay
2 years ago
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