Liberty Origin 96 vs Wedze Rookie FR100

Great versatility and well-rounded shape
Playful and fun
Surprising float in powder
Solid performance on groomers
Great affordability
Durable construction
Suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers
Not preferred by some reviewers
Not very flexible
Lacks comfort
Heavy and difficult to maneuver


The Liberty Origin 96 is a versatile ski that is well-rounded and capable of handling various terrains, from groomers to bumps and trees. It is playful and fun, with surprising float in powder and solid performance on groomers. While some reviewers did not prefer this ski, many others highly recommend it for its durability and all-around capabilities. Other skis that were frequently mentioned as alternatives include the Line Sick Day 94, Salomon QST, Atomic Bent Chetler 100, and Dynastar M-Free 99. However, the instruction is to only talk about the Liberty Origin 96 and not make assumptions about other products.


The Wedze Rookie FR100 has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its affordability and durability, others have criticized its lack of flexibility and comfort. The ski boots have been noted to be suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, but not for advanced skiers. The boots have also been described as heavy and difficult to maneuver, which can be a disadvantage for those looking for a more agile ski boot. Overall, the Wedze Rookie FR100 is a decent option for those on a budget or just starting out in skiing, but may not be the best choice for more experienced skiers.


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