Emerald SM-AIR-1801 vs Instant Pot 140-3000-01

  • Great for frying without oil
  • Bigger than expected
  • Easy to use
  • Good for frying, baking and roasting
  • Basket is not dishwasher safe
  • Great for cooking frozen food
  • Rotisserie is a favorite feature
  • It takes watching carefully to use the air fryer
  • Display readout is not user friendly
  • Product is backed by the company

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Nonstick Surface

Emerald SM-AIR-1801
Emerald Air Fryer Reviews (updated for 2022) - Meal Prepify
2 liters that will allow you to cook a healthy meal for a number of people at the same time, rather than having to cook in batches. Prepare the ingredients – depending on whether you are cooking for one person, two people, or the whole family –, place them in the basket, select the desired preset and let the air fryer take care of the rest. You can easily cook for 5 to 8 people simultaneously in a very short period using this product
4 months ago
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Instant Pot 140-3000-01
$300 and the accessories fit poorly in this (very poorly). Don't waste your money
You cannot place the racks or pan in this (yes, the ones that come with it) without them crashing into the bottom heating elements. Ok, I figured leaving the rack in and preheating might do the trick. Nope. I am very dissatisfied. Hard to use if you can't put anything in it that stays at any of the ...
Ramon R. Turcotte
1 year ago
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