Digitech Polara vs Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-function Reverb

Great sounding and versatile with seven Lexicon reverbs
Stereo in/out capabilities
Sturdy build
Range of usable and great-sounding reverbs
Comparable to more expensive reverb pedals on the market
Great versatility with four customizable algorithms
Manual extension of reverb trail and octave mixing
Sustain feature is a favorite among users
Great for a variety of genres, from shoegaze to post rock
Excellent build quality and value
Not able to save presets
Some reviewers note that it can sound digital
Does not have tap tempo functionality
Not ideal for those looking for a traditional, straightforward reverb sound
Some users have experienced tone suck, but this can be remedied with a buffer
Octave blending could be improved for some users


The Digitech Polara is a highly versatile and well-regarded reverb pedal, with seven Lexicon reverbs and a range of features including stereo in/out capabilities and a sturdy build. While some reviewers note that it can sound digital and lacks preset saving capabilities, many praise its range of usable and great-sounding reverbs, including the spring reverb, reverse, and halo settings. The Polara is often compared favorably to other reverb pedals on the market, including the MXR Reverb and TC Electronic Hall of Fame. Overall, the Digitech Polara is a popular choice for musicians seeking a versatile and high-quality reverb pedal.


The Walrus Audio Fathom Multi-function Reverb is a highly versatile and feature-rich pedal that offers four customizable algorithms, including Hall, Plate, Lo-Fi, and Sonar. Users appreciate the ability to manually extend the reverb trail and mix in an octave above or below. The sustain feature is also a favorite among users. While some have experienced tone suck, this can be remedied with a buffer at the end. Overall, the Fathom is a great option for those looking for a unique and inspiring reverb pedal.

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