CASO 13180 vs GoWISE USA GW22931

Great versatility for baking, air frying, toasting, and convection cooking
Easy to clean
Well-built and durable
Compact and attractive design
Successful cooking of a variety of foods
Great size for cooking for a family of four or more
Easy to clean rack and pan
Food comes out crispy without being oily
Not mentioned by customers
Not very durable or sturdy
Difficult to operate and adjust temperature/time while in use
Some customers have reported concerns about the smell of hot plastic affecting their food


Overall, the CASO 13180 receives high praise for its versatility and ease of use. Customers appreciate the ability to bake, air fry, toast, and use convection all in one compact unit. The appliance is also noted for being easy to clean and well-built. Users have found success with a variety of foods, including spaghetti squash, green beans, pizza, fish and chips, chicken tenders, and frozen breads and pastries. The design is also praised for its compact and attractive appearance.


The GoWISE USA GW22931 air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its ease of use and ability to cook food well, others have had issues with its durability, flimsiness, and difficulty in operating. Some customers have also reported concerns about the smell of hot plastic affecting their food. However, the product's large size and ability to cook for a family of four or more has been appreciated by some. Overall, customers have had varying experiences with this air fryer.


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