Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal vs MXR Tremolo

Great build quality and five-year warranty
Simple and easy to use
Affordable price
Analog circuit with low current draw
Offers a warm and organic tremolo sound
Great harmonic tremolo tone
Versatile with multiple modes and features
Adjustable volume output with gain knob
Expression pedal and stereo capabilities
Easy to control
Not as flexible or unique as some other tremolo pedals on the market
May have a mild tremolo effect with little adjustable effect
Volume drop may occur when engaged
Not all users appreciate the design
Some users note potential tuning stability issues with cheaper tremolo pedals
Some users may prefer a different brand or model for personal preference reasons


Overall, the Boss TR-2 Tremolo Pedal is a reliable and affordable option for guitarists looking for a simple tremolo effect. Its analog circuit and low current draw make it easy to use with a standard power supply or 9V battery. While some reviewers note that it may not offer as much flexibility or unique effects as other tremolo pedals on the market, it still delivers a warm and organic sound that is well-suited for vintage-style playing. The pedal's sturdy build quality and five-year warranty also make it a popular choice among gigging musicians.


Overall, the MXR Tremolo pedal is highly versatile and offers a range of modes and features such as tap tempo, expression pedal compatibility, and stereo capabilities. Users appreciate the harmonic tremolo tone and the ability to adjust volume output with the gain knob. Some users note that the design can be quirky, but overall the pedal is easy to control and produces great sounds. The pedal is recommended for those looking for a high-quality tremolo pedal.


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