Black Diamond Carbon Compactor vs Leki Helicon Lite

Great for traveling, alpinists, snowshoers, and backcountry snowboarders
Ultimate compactability in the backcountry
Convenient for storage
Great value for the money
Comfortable and well-contoured grip with tacky rubber
Solid carbide risers
Simple but effective strap
Good size powder basket that does not dive too deep on a power day
Not reliable locks, pieces may disconnect
Additional measures such as office tape may be needed for safe use
Price point may be high for some users
Not as compact when completely collapsed compared to other poles
No mention of adjustable length
No mention of weight or weight distribution


The Black Diamond Carbon Compactor is a collapsible pole that is ideal for traveling, alpinists, snowshoers, and backcountry snowboarders. However, some users have reported issues with the locks and pieces disconnecting, making the pole unsafe to use without additional measures such as office tape. Despite this, the Carbon Compactor is praised for its ultimate compactability in the backcountry and convenience for storage. Overall, the Black Diamond Carbon Compactor is a good option for those who prioritize packability and convenience in their poles.


The Leki Helicon Lite is a highly recommended backcountry ski pole that delivers excellent performance and durability. It has a well-contoured and comfortable grip with tacky rubber for easy grasping. The pole is also one of the least expensive on the market, making it a top choice for users on a budget. The powder basket is a good size and does not dive too deep on a power day, while the risers are solid carbide. The strap is simple but effective. The pole is tall when completely collapsed but holds up well to being heavily weighted during use. Overall, the Leki Helicon Lite is a great value for the money and a reliable choice for backcountry skiing.


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