BIC America Formula F-12 vs Klipsch R-100SW

Great value for its price point
Can deliver satisfying results for most people
Recommended by many reviewers for those on a budget
Specially designed power amplifier with bash technology
Can be paired nicely with other speakers
Great bass response and power
Compatibility with other Klipsch speakers
Tight and controlled bass
Good value for its price
Powerful and clean sound
Not the best choice for music or smaller rooms
Some concerns about build quality and potential vibration issues
Can be a bit boomy
Not as crisp as some other subwoofers
Some users have experienced humming or other issues
Lack of equalizer or treble/bass knob is a concern for some users


Overall, the BIC America Formula F-12 subwoofer is a good value for its price point, with many reviewers recommending it for those on a budget. However, some reviewers have noted that it may not be the best choice for music or for smaller rooms. There are also some concerns about build quality and potential issues with vibration. Despite these drawbacks, many reviewers still recommend the F-12 as a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their home theater system.


Overall, the Klipsch R-100SW subwoofer receives mixed reviews. Some users praise its powerful and clean sound, while others note a hum and lack of crispness. Many users appreciate its compatibility with other Klipsch speakers and its ability to produce tight, controlled bass. Some users have had issues with the subwoofer not working properly or humming. The lack of an equalizer or treble/bass knob is a concern for some users. However, for its price, many users feel that the Klipsch R-100SW offers good value and sound quality.

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