Benson Amps Preamp vs JOYO American Sound

Great basic tone, a mix of Amp Hague and Supro
Versatile pedal
Separate treble and bass knobs
Fast and efficient shipping from the seller
Offers a new amp sound for a fraction of the cost
Great value for the price
Versatile and able to mimic the sound of popular amps
Can be used as an EQ, preamp, and overdrive pedal
Recommended for those on a budget
Can improve the sound of cheaper amps
Not mentioned in the reviews
Not all units are reliable and some users have experienced issues with functionality
Some users have had to return the pedal due to defects
Not all users have been able to achieve the desired sound with the pedal


The Benson Amps Preamp is highly praised for its versatility and great basic tone, which is a mix of Amp Hague and Supro. It is often compared to the Monarch 15 and Chimera 30, which are also highly regarded. The separate treble and bass knobs are a standout feature. The seller is commended for their fast and efficient shipping. Overall, the Benson Amps Preamp is a great addition to any pedalboard and offers a new amp sound for a fraction of the cost.


Overall, the JOYO American Sound pedal receives mixed reviews. Many users praise its versatility and ability to mimic the sound of popular amps, while others have experienced issues with functionality. However, for its affordable price, it is considered a great value by many and is recommended for those on a budget looking for an amp sim pedal.


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