AMD Ryzen 5 3600 vs Intel Core i3-12100F

Great value for its price
Significant generational improvements over previous six core twelve thread parts
Easy to install with the help of online tutorials
Good balance between gaming and productivity
Sufficient heatsink for most users
Great price-to-performance value
Solid choice for budget gaming builds
Efficient power usage
Compatible with DDR4 memory
Not the best heatsink for overclocking
Some users have reported thermal shutdowns
Some compatibility issues with certain graphics cards
Not ideal for more demanding games
May bottleneck with high-end GPUs
DDR4 voltage is locked on non-K CPUs


Overall, the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is a highly recommended processor for those looking for a good balance between gaming and productivity. It offers significant generational improvements over previous six core twelve thread parts, and is a great value for its price. While the included heatsink may not be the best for overclocking, it is sufficient for most users. Installation is easy with the help of online tutorials, and it performs well in most games. However, some users have reported thermal shutdowns and issues with certain graphics cards, so it is important to do proper research before purchasing.


Overall, the Intel Core i3-12100F is a great budget CPU for gaming and general desktop use. It offers good price-to-performance value and can handle most tasks with ease. However, it may struggle with more demanding games and can be a bottleneck when paired with high-end GPUs. It is recommended to pair it with a compatible motherboard and DDR4 memory for optimal performance. The i3-12100F is a solid choice for those on a budget, but those looking for more production-oriented tasks may want to consider other options.

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