Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Huntsman

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  • Great for outdoorsmen
  • Lifetime guaranteed
  • All of the necessary tools for daily use
  • One size fits all
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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My favorite pocket knife
I'm very embarrassed to admit, but I'm now ordering my 3rd Victorinox huntsman knife as I've LOST the other two. It's been over the course of 8-10 yrs. This knife has all of the necessary tools that I need daily.
6 years ago
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Best Knife Ever
If you need a knife that has a little bit of everything and you are an outdoorsman, you will appreciate this knife to the fullest. I have had 3 in 30 years, but I just realized they are lifetime guaranteed, so I am getting my last one repaired and will have 2. One for each pocket.
8 years ago
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first pocket knife for my kid
what's not to like about a victorinox swiss army knife? it's a great first knife (or anytime knife, for that matter). here are some reasons i chose this knife for my kids' first knife. 1. no locking blade. this might sound counter-intuitive, but i want my kids to learn to use a knife correctly witho...
4 years ago
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My favorite of the Swiss
This model was my first Swiss Army knife. I carried it through 37 countries using it to create shelter, weapons, and tools. Now as my son comes of age, this knife is his to build his own tradition. This has been one of my favorite and most used knives over the years. Very versatile and durable.
7 years ago
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Great quality product is what
Great quality product is what I expected and what I received
Jimmy W.
3 months ago
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Came all scratched up. Looks
One side is scratched bad.
Steven D.
1 year ago
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Swiss Army Knife
Christmas gift for our 11 year old Grandson...he loves it!
5 years ago
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What every woman needs!
This is my 2nd "Huntsman" in 30 yrs. My first one was a mothers' day gift, confiscated at the airport by TSA! I've used this knife for everything: setting up camp, making a walking staff, trimming my nails, cutting twist ties, removing splinters, tightening screws, picnic wine & cheese prep & more. ...
8 years ago
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IMO, this is the perfect Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.
I own 10 or more different models of Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knives. This specific model suits all of my needs, as it includes all of the tools that I find most useful, and none that I do not. The tools are sturdy, compact, and very practical. This saves me many trips to the “toolbox” throughout my ...
1 year ago
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A very versatile item.
I bought this Swiss Army Knife as a gift for a friend and he has enjoyed it a lot! Well
worth the money!


Closed Length

3 1/2 in

Folding Handle


Handle Length

91 mm

Handle Material