Vero Synapse

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  • Great for the price
  • Good for the money
  • Very good knife overall
  • A great starter knife that is worth every penny
  • Blade is a little on the thin side but still very sharp and strong


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What was a “popular” knife you bought that you just hated?
\-- Vero Synapse: doesn't match the appeal of the XL or the Isotope for me, both of which I love. \-- Spyderco Delica in Damascus: too small, too flimsy, awkward lock. \-- Civivi Elementum in Damascus: too small, not really fidgety for folks with larger hands.
1 year ago
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Vero Synapse Gen 2 Review-Worth the Hype?
Now the best has done really well on the vero's. I'Ve been impressed by the axon, the mini impulse, and now this the synapse and the quality is there so don't fret over the manufacturing country here or the um oem, because they did a fantastic job on these.
Knives, Guns, & Gains
5 months ago
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Looking for lesser seen, but still high quality folding knives
Vero Isotope (or the Vero Synapse) should be on the list. Well designed, excellent fit/finish, nicely balanced
1 year ago
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