Uplift V2-Commercial

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  • Made for commercial use
  • Desk is made of steel and aluminum


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UpLift V2-Commercial Standing Desk Review
While we understand UpLift designed this desk specifically to meet the ANSI/BIFMA G1-2013 standard, this change is a negative if you don’t need to meet that standard to buy standing desks at your workplace. This change lowers the height range, limiting the usability for tall users. The change also makes the V2-Commercial unusable as a treadmill desk for a large portion of users
4 months ago
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Issues may include making the keyboard sit too high off of your thighs and reducing your leg room (up and down). So actually there's a lot to be said for getting one of the standard thinner (1 inch) tops. Another potential downside of the thicker top is that it effectively increases the lowest possible setting of the desk. I have a relatively short user here (5'3") and the thicker top requires her to put the V2 Commercial desk at its lowest possible setting.
I looked at reviews and contacted the company and what I've seen is that the V2 Commercial provides slightly more side to side stability compared to the V2. Is the V2 Commercial worth it over the standard V2 for this size desk?
Needs an office chair recommendations
If your keyboard and monitor heights aren’t adjustable, you won’t find a chair that can make your setup comfortable. I use an Uplift v2 commercial (can go down to 22” instead of just 25”. I love my chair but I’d rather have my desk and a folding chair. These desks also allow you to stand at them to stretch your legs and change up your posture for a while.
Uplift Desk Sales
Man I can't say enough good stuff about my uplift V2 commercial. Rock solid stable and just wonderfully comfortable. The keyboard tray with the quick mechanism is so nice I'm thinking about grabbing one for my other desk.
UPLIFT V2 Commercial Standing Desk Review ONE YEAR LATER: Still THE BEST WFH Desk! | Ray Strazdas
Zip ties they're your best friends At the end of the day, if you're in the market for an excellent electric sit, stand desk, look no further than the UPLIFT V2 Commercial.
Raymond Strazdas
4 months ago
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Floor sit? A desk that adjusts low enough to sit on the floor, and also elevates for chair sitting and standing?
Currently, the leading contender for me is the Uplift v2 Commercial. It gets the lowest, and Uplift offers a keyboard tray option that would bring the keyboard down even lower. But how's the wobble at standing heights? There seems to be a lot of support for the Apex Pro on this forum from that perspective.
Desktop Advice: Longer? Narrower? Heavier?
From what I have seen, the Uplift V2 Commercial should be okay for this (which, instead of purchasing from Uplift, I will probably purchase the Apex from Deskhaus, which is their equivalent to Uplift V2). One thing I have seen posted on this subreddit (from u/ILikePutz) is that you might be able to purchase the two-leg Apex from Deskhaus, and later potentially convert it to 4-legs (Apex Pro, I believe) if you think you need more stability.
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New to WFH. Please help me choose a desk!
I am happy with my Uplift V2 Commercial, 4 Leg desk. The front bar prevents side to side wobble.
Desktop Advice: Longer? Narrower? Heavier?
I got the uplift commercial v2 with 1" bamboo 70"x30" top, it's been great and I've very happy with the size. I have 2 30" monitors and a laptop stand and no issues around bowing (at least, so far). My theory was to start the with the included top and if it began to have bowing issues switch to something more custom or add metal reinforcements.
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Noise level

50 decibels during motion

Desktop thickness

1" thick

Frame width

Accommodates desktops from 42" - 80" W

Lifting capacity

355 lb