Ticket to Ride

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  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to learn and quick to play
  • Challenging for experienced players
  • Fun to play again and again
  • A game about connecting cities with tiny plastic trains


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Best Board Game of 2022 - GearLab
For a strategic game that is still fairly simple and quite replayable, check out Ticket to Ride. This travel-based game has players collecting cards to build and connect railroads between major North American cities. Players can take multiple different strategies to build longer railroads and connec...
6 months ago
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What games have you played a ton of and show no signs of stopping
Ticket to Ride. For me and my wife this was the game that really got us into the hobby, played it to death, then stopped playing as we got into other games but this has recently resurfaced as my kids got old enough to play the non-kids versions, been playing alot of Nordic and loving it, but my son has been requesting Europe and I am even considering grabbing a new map or two which I think is amazing after all these years/plays that it's still feels worry further investment.
10 months ago
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I cannot best this woman at Ticket to Ride: Europe. I don't know if she's hiding a penchant for fighting 'round the world or what, but she's got some Russell Crowe beautiful mind shit going on when it comes to this game. I think I won the first time we ever played it, but I could just be gaslighting myself as she just runs away with the game every. damn.
Love this Game!
I had played it online... the video game format, and loved it. Buying the board game version opened up options for playing with family members and expanded my board game collection. The quality was great! It lies flat on the table and the pieces are good quality. I ordered the little plastic steamer...
3 years ago
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Great family game for all ages; fun way to learn geography
We own 7 editions of the Ticket to Ride games and they never get old because of numerous possible combinations of routes and destinations. All feature beautiful artwork and come with high quality game components. This original Ticket to Ride game features a map of the lower 48 states, including a fe...
11 years ago
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The game itself however is a great game. Asmodee has an authorized retailer program
The game I bought here was a counterfeit. The board was mis cut and thinner than a legitimate copy and one section was split apart. The game itself however is a great game. Asmodee has an authorized retailer program. I recommend researching who your buying games from as counterfeiting board games is...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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You're headed to a new friend's house. You don't know what level of board gamer they are, and you can only bring 3 games.... [RESULTS]
I'd remove Catan from any gateway boardgame to be honest. Games where you can be out of the game for a while due to luck will make possible new players sour on games. Splendor (maybe combined with Century: Spice Road) and especially Ticket To Ride are much better entry games.
10 months ago
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Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary Edition Review - IGN
This wasn't a big problem, but it's worth taking into consideration, particularly if your tabletop gaming space is limited.This edition is a sight to behold.“The board isn't the only upgraded piece of hardware in Ticket to Ride: Europe 15th Anniversary Edition
3 months ago
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Ticket to Ride: Europe Review
Final Score: 5 Stars – A great gateway game with easy to learn mechanics and plenty of player interaction.
3 months ago
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Smaller versions of popular board games are budget friendly, approachable, and I wish they would become more common.
In particular, I am talking about Ticket To Ride: New York/London/Amsterdam and Pandemic Hot Zone. I've seen a lot of reviews commenting on 'who is this for?' but the thing is, learning a new board game is daunting and often a lot of people don't necessarily want to dedicate a few hours to learning a game and playing one round. These smaller versions of bigger games are excellent.
1 year ago
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