The Chameleon

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  • Great for family gatherings
  • Fun for teens
  • Interactive game that gets us talking, laughing and having fun together
  • Game is impossible for someone to NOT be the chameleon


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Like a Less Interesting Version of Werewolf
The game is not bad, but people got bored rather quickly. Most found it rather difficult to give clues that avoided either extreme- too vague or way too specific. I think this was a concept, not a player, problem. Also, the chameleon- if he or she is even vaguely paying attention- should be able to ...
3 years ago
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Fun family game with teenagers! (Or older kids)
Awesome family game. Fun for teens. We have a couple older teens and a couple younger teens. I'd disagree with their age suggestion of 14+. Older kids could easily play this. But it really does make them think, relate, and strategize. When it came to sports people, we didn't have a clue who some wer...
3 years ago
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Our Family LOVES This Game!
This is one of the funnest family games we have played ! We have a very large family and like to play games together but nobody has patience for board games. Interactive games that get us talking, laughing and having fun together are what we love! This game is perfect for us. We played with all ages...
Just Me
3 years ago
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Surprisingly Simple and Fun.
We got this for my child's birthday (age 13). Reading the description, I was skeptical. And reading the instructions once we got it, I was still a little skeptical. But it turned out to be surprisingly fun. The premise is simple: All players, except for the "Chameleon", know the secret word chosen f...
D. Travis North
1 year ago
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A great party game with words
I played this game at a party over the weekend and loved it some much, I bought it here. The game requires thinking and strategy, but is ultimately really fun to find out who the Chameleon is. We played with age 12 to 50+. Great game.
3 years ago
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Surprisingly Well-Liked by Younger Players
It seems I have played virtually every game out there, and I am pretty picky when it comes to what games I would play multiple times. This game takes an interesting concept and does about as good as it can with it. There certainly is a bit of luck involved, depending on the order the turns go based ...
2 years ago
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quick, fun, entertaining
I played this game with about 6 people--once we (very quickly) got the hang of how to play and reading the dice-to-chart cards, we played a few rounds to try out the mechanics. It's very simple and fast but entertaining, too. It's a great game to have around to quickly play and you can use either th...
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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A very fun new family game.
This is a blast for game night. It’s not too hard for the younger ones either. What’s also great is it can be a 20 minute game to a 2 hour game you choose.
Old harbor western way
3 years ago
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Simple game, loads of fun!
I've seen this game around and finally decided to purchase when it was on sale here. I'd only watched a short instruction video prior to purchasing, but the instructions and premise of the game were already very clear. I like how easy it is to play AND how easy it is to give instructions to new play...
10 months ago
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Didn't like
We had company and started playing the game. Nobody likes it. It had good reviews which is why we ordered it.
3 years ago
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