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Tensa4 Hammock Stand

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  • Great for trees that are not available to hang from
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Comes with a carrying bag for storage
  • Product is made of high quality materials


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First Impressions – Tensa Outdoors’ Tensa4 Hammock Stand
Time for another First Impressions entry...keep in mind that these entries are just my first impressions of a piece of gear based on one or two uses. They’re NOT full blown reviews based on extensive use over time.
OK, yeah, I got a new piece of gear and had to play with it and show it off...kind ...
Tensa4 Hammock Stand | Warbonnet Outdoors
Tensa4 is the commercial version of the original “tensahedron” design shown by one of Tensa Outdoor’s founders on Hammock Forums.
No good trees available or allowed to hang from? Or maybe you just want to hang closer to where your friends are, or to your motorcycle, or where the light and wind is b...
3 months ago
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