St. Croix Mojo Bass

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  • Great for jerkbait fishing
  • Light weight and sensitive
  • 6'8" medium/fast rod
  • Rod blanks are luxurious
  • Affordable


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Top reviews

Excellent customer service
I own three St. Croix rods, one Mojo Bass and two Premier, all of which have been excellent performing high quality rods. I especially like the luxurious finish on the rod blanks. My favorite of the three is the 7’1” fast tip Mojo. I use it primarily for working a fluke. On a recent trip to Lake Oke...
John Goodson on Jan 31
53 years ago
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My first expensive combo! Shimano SLX MGL 70 with the St. Croix Mojo Bass rod!
I am always surprised when I go back and pick up my mojo bass with how much I like it. I have more expensive rods, but then I use the mojo and feel like it’s most of the way there to the expensive stuff. It makes me really appreciate what St Croix is putting out.
This is my third st croix mojo bass rod. I recommend 100% this product.
Very good option for a budget fishing rod. Light weight and Very sensitive, I can feel almost everything. This is a 6 feet 8 inches medium/fast and is designed for jerkbait fishing. It cast very well almost the same as a 7-1. I definitely recommend this product.
Juan R.
1 year ago
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My Lews Mach Pro just.. well.. broke. any good all around bass rod suggestions?
I'm slightly biased towards Japanese brands, but Daiwa Aird X for $50, Shimano SLX ($100) or St. Croix Bass-X as recommended ($115-$120ish).
My Best Rod Ever
I grew up fishing. But the last 25ish years my fishing declined. Then 15 years ago I became disabled and totally gave up fishing, though I kept all my gear. This year I decided even though the license is expensive, and not sure how much I would go, I decided to get my it. I fell in love with it agai...
Bill Friggle on Oct 09
53 years ago
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My all - around casting rod.... ...
My all - around casting rod.... Very sensitive and plenty of backbone and it is so light, I can cast all day even with my arthritic hands.The first fish I caught on this rod was a 35" pike, using a willow-leaf spinner bait. Unbelievable !
5 years ago
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BG4000 needs a Good Surf Rod in NY
I have the St Croix Mojo for fishing striped bass and bluefish off the beaches near Robert Moses and really like it. I think Tsunami Airwaves are a bit cheaper, around $150 or so. Haven’t used it personally but have heard good things about it
great rod!
i use model MJC71MM, great rod for crankbait and excellent value for money!
marco ultimini on Sep 15
53 years ago
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Great rod! Horrible packaging
Super happy with this rod thus far! This is my second mojo rod, love it. Con: Only issue was that this is the 3rd one that I had to reorder. The first two came broken. First box was bent in half, second box was flattened and half open. Recommend shipper to use a tube to ship for future customers.
Danny G
2 years ago
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My Lews Mach Pro just.. well.. broke. any good all around bass rod suggestions?
The ST. Croix bass X rod is good but pretty expensive I think I don’t really remember the price but it’s a really good rod and it goes well with the shimano Slx dc
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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

89.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

89 x 3 x 3 inches

Warranty Description

5 year warranty

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