Spirit Island

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  • Great for 2 players
  • Relaxing and Cozy
  • Cute Art Style
  • Gameplay loop is fun, just like Stardew Valley
  • Farming-Sim gamers will love this game


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Spirit Island Board Game Review - Gideon's Gaming
It offers a ton of fun, variety, and immense replay value. This is a game you need to have on your shelf, but beware, once it hits the table, it may never leave again. Great blending of mechanics and themeFantastic Artwork and table presenceVery high in strategy and player choiceSatisfyingly complexMassive replay valueOptional Scenarios and Adversaries8 unique Spirits that play very differentlyGreat at any player count, including solo play
3 months ago
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What is the most popular game you refuse to try and why?
I had one game of Spirit Island at a meetup that was so marred by the atmosphere at the table that I have absolutely zero desire to play it again. I know it's not the game's fault but I can't get over that bias.
Amazing game for people who like its style
I have three games of this under my belt now, and a fair amount of exploring and thinking. This game has been a hit with everyone I have shared it with, but it's not for everyone. That said, I am a pretty discerning boardgame player - I tend to be ambivalent to the great majority of them - and Spiri...
M. Pureka
5 years ago
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Spirit of the Island is a cozy farming-sim game heavily inspired by Stardew Valley with the nice twist of setting up your own shop and have tourists come and buy your goods. The game in it's current state is great but not perfect.
[b] Pros: [/b]
- Relaxing and Cozy
- 2-Player Co-op
- Cute Art Style...
Verified Purchase
6 months ago
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Is spirit island too hard for one of your first co-op/solo games?
Yes, Spirit Island is too hard to be your partner's first ever 'modern board game'. If Spirit Island had been my first game, I would never have wanted to play a board game again.
Review - Spirit Island (Digital Edition)
Spirit Island is available now on PC. Reviewed on PC.
3 months ago
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It's 3.5 on BGG but for me it feels like a 2.5 at most, the tutorial is insanely good, the cards are easy to understand and the app gets rid of the management-bloat. Only thing that maybe makes it a 3 is the "unclear" situations sometimes, but for us it was always easily resolvable. On the other hand, the weight of Spirit Island is way too low, it should be 5 :D.
What game does what mechanic best?
**Spirit Island** for making you feel like, after giving up your lunch money for 8 weeks straight, you finally stood up to your bully and punched him into fucking *orbit*.
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One-Player Wednesday - (April 28, 2021)
- **Spirit Island**: Played 12 2-handed games with all 24 spirits at L3 difficulty adversaries with only 2 failures. I wanted to make sure I got to play each spirit at least once so I could at least try all the Jagged Earth spirits I haven't played yet. My favorites are the spirits that provide fresh approaches to getting major powers, namely Starlight, Fractured Days and Shifting Memory.
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Spirit Island: Jagged Earth Expansion Review - Gideon's Gaming
The complete package is by and far my favorite board game.
3 months ago
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