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Soto Amicus

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Compacts up nicely
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable stove with retractable pot supports


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Top reviews

Is the Soto Amicus a BETTER and SMALLER and CHEAPER Pocket Rocket Deluxe?
That might be the case, but regardless we're talking about this stove and it does have that built in it's got an excellent carrying case and it does have a built-in piezo igniter. But if you want to save two or three grams, you can get it without the pizza igniter. So what do i think i'll tell y'all? I really like this stove, i kind of see it as a more compact version of the pocket rocket deluxe and at almost half the price i love
4 months ago
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Stove is awesome - but REI sells same stove with cook kit for SAME PRICE
Soto Amicus is one of the best stoves you can get, though a little loud. But if you're reading this, just know you can get the exact same stove for the same price from REI website and it includes a free cookpot kit! I didn't realize this when I ordered. Oh well. Now you know.
3 years ago
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BRS-3000T - Heat transfer to gas bottle
It's normal for the BRS, but it's not a good side effect. I have the Soto Amicus and it keeps the bottle cool. If you get the Soto roaring I notice the bottle cools down below ambient temperature because of depressurization.
Lightweight Stove
For me, this stove is of very high quality, light weight, and affordable price
Dikdik P.
1 year ago
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Amicus Stove with Igniter - SOTO Outdoors
Product #: OD-1NVE
Rated at 10210 BTU, the Amicus is compatible with standard isobutane canisters such as Primus, Snow Peak, MSR and Jetboil. This canister stove has many of the capabilities of the more expensive stoves making it an ideal choice for camping and backpacking. A quality stove at a min...
4 months ago
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Soto Amicus Stove Review - FarOut
The Soto Amicus performed well at an affordable price while being one of the lightest stoves tested. It also compacts up nicely and is easy to assemble.
The Soto Amicus was the best affordable stove tested. It is lightweight (72 grams / 2.5 ounces) with an attached four-prong pot stand, boils 2-c...
4 months ago
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Soto Windmaster vs Amicus - The Most Comprehensive Comparison
Choosing the right backpacking stove can be overwhelming especially with so many alternatives on the market. But if you landed on this page I’m assuming you are thinking of buying a Soto Stove. So in this article, I will focus on Soto Windmaster vs Amicus and compare them by every aspect you need to...
4 months ago
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SOTO Amicus test & experiences - strong outdoor camping stove convinces even in windy conditions (price tip)
The SOTO Amicus is a reliable stove with retractable pot supports. Thanks to the integrated windbreak, the mini gas cooker is also suitable for use in extreme conditions. Only with minimal luggage on the way and nevertheless a full-fledged gas cooker. The SOTO Amicus* makes it possible! The mini gas...
SOTO Amicus camping stove – Gear Review
Overall verdict The SOTO Amicus is an easy-to-use, very compact cooking stove that fits neatly inside the SOTO River Pot when folded away. For its seemingly simple design, it offers good wind resistance and cooks at a high temperature and would be ideal for budget backpacking trips.
4 months ago
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Soto Amicus Review - Outdoor Gear - Wilderness Magazine
At a glancePlusses: Light, inexpensive, powerful.Minuses: Light materials, noisy.
Features: Unlike the other stoves in this test, the Amicus is not pressure-regulated. It is a super compact stove weighing 81g, with a small burner head and four serrated pot-supports that provide excellent pot stabil...
4 months ago
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Fuel Type

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Power Source

Corded Electric

Maximum Energy Output

3260 Watts