Sony HT-A9

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  • Great for watching movies
  • Sound is amazing
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Speakers are wireless
  • There is a lot of bass


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Bad luck?
One of the speakers would not sync with the control box. The setup would not advance pass the initial page. Sony's techs were not able to solve the problem by phone. They would not issue a replacement and told me to send it to their repair facility. Sony would not provide an estimate of how long it ...
1 year ago
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Canon R3 Hands on Preview link dump
This looks like a Sony A9 on steroids at an unfortunate price point.
Honestly, the bigger news for someone like me is that 100-400mm F5.6-F8 lens for $650, which I would love on E mount for travel.
Hi all,
I'm on the verge of replacing my current setup (Beam gen 1 + 2 x three).
And I have a 12m2 (130 feet) living room and no other Sonos devices.
I was thinking an arc, sub and 2 x five (I listen to a lot of music, that's why five)
But then the cost will be the same as the new Sony HT A9 + sub ...
Weekly r/headphones Discussion #124: Japanese Headphones
This is because I am a man of a certain age, but Sony has always had a special place in my consumerist heart. It has always represented "the coolest" for me.
Sony was cutting edge in the 60s and 70s, with their transistor radios and Trinitron televisions blowing away the competition. Sony was the c...
Sony HT-A9 with SW5 surround sound system review: Sony got it perfectly right this time
There are plenty of audio players in the market when it comes to surround sound but very few can actually deliver good resonance. Sony is one of them and recently they handed us the Sony HT-A9 with SW5 surround sound system for review. We tested them out and this is what we could make of the new-age...
4 months ago
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This is Mavic 3
My butthole puckered when I saw the price in my country (New Zealand)- we normally get shafted for big releases but holy shit the CINE is eye-wateringly expensive. Yeah I think it's definitely justifiable for professional creators the same way the Canon R3/Sony A9 are but for the average guy like my...
Hello, I’m looking to buy a new system and have been thinking about getting either a Sony HT-A9 or a Samsung Q950A. After reading posts here on this topic I thought the Sony was better but when I looked at the Samsung had a better rating. So please share your experiences and opinions on t...
After checking online religiously for about a month, I was finally able to place an order for the HT-A9 and picked it up along with the SW5 sub yesterday. Before buying, I watched pretty much every HT-A9 review video on YouTube so had very high hopes regarding sound quality and the Atmos effects/spa...
Sony HT-A9
The Sony HT-A9 is a premium setup with a very unique design. Instead of a wide soundbar, it comes with a small control box and four satellite speakers. Sony's 360 Spatial Sound technology is advertised to create a more immersive listening experience with a wide-sounding soundstage. It also has Sound...
Adam Scartozzi
4 months ago
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Arc/Beam -- Can they be set up as a pure center channel with separate front L/R speakers?
Sadly no, there are some people claiming this may be in beta testing although you never know how true that is. People that beta test have a NDA so someone would need to break that agreement to provide this intel. It very well could also just be wishful thinking.
I have hope this rumor has some mer...
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System Components

Control unit, 4 speakers

Speaker Type

2-way - active

Audio System Continuous Power (Total)

504 Watt