Sonos Sub

Sonos Sub

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Great upgrade for an existing setup, adding a new dimension of immersion
Enhances the cinema feel of a home theater
Stylish design
Can provide dynamic bass and improve sound quality when paired with other Sonos products
Customization tools available to adjust sound to personal preference
Not necessarily superior to less expensive subwoofers and sound systems
Limited support for certain sound formats


Overall, the Sonos Sub receives mixed reviews. Some users find it to be a great addition to their existing setup, providing a new dimension of immersion and bringing a cinema feel to their home. However, others feel that it is overpriced and underwhelming, with some even preferring less expensive subwoofers and sound systems. Many users emphasize the importance of pairing the Sonos Sub with other Sonos products, such as the Arc and One SL speakers, to truly enhance the sound experience. Some users also note limitations, such as the need for the sub to be within 20 feet of the amp and the lack of support for certain sound formats. Overall, the decision to purchase the Sonos Sub may depend on whether or not the user plans to invest in other Sonos products, particularly the Arc, and whether they are willing to pay the high price tag for what some consider to be a stylish but not necessarily superior subwoofer.


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Designed to Eliminate Distortion; Slim Design; Trueplay Tuning Technology; Simple Setup


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