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  • Great for non-Sonos audio sources
  • Aptly named, it not only receives audio, but sends it out as well
  • DAC is reportedly


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A Downgrade from the Connect, and a Forced Upgrade at That
This is the product I'm forced to move to in order to keep my Sonos ecosystem functional as it already currently is because my original Sonos:Connect was deprecated is now considered Legacy, despite being just 5 years old. What's more, the Port here is a downgrade - cheaper materials, loss of extern...
3 years ago
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Sonos Port Explained: Do You Need It?
Now you'll need to weigh up the pros and cons of replacing your amplifier, because if you have a particularly powerful one, one that outputs more than 125 watts at the amp outputs, then you might just want to use the sonos port. But if you're looking for a new amp or are in the market for a completely new amp and speaker combo, then the sonos amp is a good option to consider.
Smart Home Sounds Ltd.
4 months ago
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Sonos Connect vs Port: Key Points [[month_year] Guide]
The VerdictWe think Sonos Port sounds better than Connect; others disagree.
4 months ago
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Best outdoor speakers
Its a good little speaker but I wouldn't describe it as "Great'. For its size, its delivers good 360 sound.
Make almost anything work with Sonos, but it’ll cost you
It also seems clear that Sonos knows that the professional AV integrators who are most likely to buy the Port will simply pass the cost along to their clients, who are already spending thousands on custom solutions. And really, that all seems fine — go ahead and soak the people who can afford completely custom, professionally installed home audio systems.
Nilay Patel
4 months ago
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Sonos Port Review
The $449 price may be steep, but it's worth it especially for audiophiles with high-quality, non-Sonos gear. Simple but pricey, the Sonos Port provides an easy two-way extension of your Sonos network, allowing for integration of non-Sonos stereo gear.
Tim Gideon
4 months ago
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NAD vs Yamaha Amp with Paradigm Speakers
If you want an upgrade, the best move you can make here is to get rid of the Sonos Port. Sonos’s current generation of gear resamples all audio and performs black box-style DSP adjustments that are tricky if not impossible to disable. I believe some have figured out that if you set the Port to fixed-volume output mode and use the digital outputs only, that seems to disable the adjustments… but the audio is still forcibly resampled even in that configuration. I’d recommend selling it and getting a Bluesound Node.
What is the Sonos Port and what does it do?
The Sonos Port is the new and exciting solution to implement your treasured Hi-Fi with all the advantages of Sonos connectivity and a host of audio streaming capabilities.
4 months ago
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Sonos Port review: Turn old into new
It is available from Sonos, Amazon, MediaMarkt and Saturn.Sonos Port: ConclusionThe Sonos Port is intended for a very specific target group. Namely for people who do not want to part with their good old music system and still want to benefit from multiroom features
4 months ago
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The simplicity is great, I tend to like to tinker with settings and levels a lot and the Sonos setup would stop me from doing that but I lose out on multi channel PCM from gaming and formats like DD+ and Atmos. Basically I'm at a point where I just leave my setup as is and maybe find a Sonos Port to connect to my AVR or pick up another AMP to power my current surrounds and go all Sonos but miss out on my center channel and things like DD+, Atmos and such.


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