Shimano Metanium

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  • Great for saltwater fishing
  • Durable, reliable reel
  • Smooth drag and easy to adjust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good for beginners


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Top reviews

The price tag is really worth it!
Second review on Amazon! Not enough words can be said about this reel! I’m no expert, although I do know a couple things about fishing. This reel truly makes my other expensive reels feel terrible. The new brass micro module system makes it feel super smooth/ durable. The 10+1 ball bearings makes th...
1 year ago
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I need a good bait caster around 200 usd help
Still, my favorite reel I purchased from over seas is a Shimano Metanium DC for a third of the cost new. Yes, its an older model but can hang with the most recent gear today. Good luck & tight lines.
Is Shimano worth the premium?
I'd try a Shimano Metanium, but that's about it. Alot of those higher end reels are made of the latest and greatest plastic frame. Then if you watch Ebay you'll come to notice that there sure are alot of those high end reels up for auction. Then there's the aluminum gear carbon drag issue that the higher end Lew's suffer from, but then so did Shimano.
Grandson loves this reel. Well known to him and he is sooo proud of it!!!
Terry Wyatt
6 months ago
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2020 Shimano Metanium {the ULTIMATE Review}
Let me give you my final thoughts about this new 2020 Metanium Shimano. And bottom line, Ladies and gentlemen, this is one reel that you really need to take a hard look at if you're looking to spin around that 300 the 350 amount.
RX Angler
2 months ago
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New rod and reel for the arsenal
2020 Shimano Metanium, Dobyns Xtasy 725. Always been a Daiwa guy for the most part, but I've been very pleased with this reel so far.
What are some of the best rod and reel combos for bass fishing?
The best reels - Shimano Metanium series and Antares, Daiwa Steez and Zillion. As someone that owns some of these is the step up worth it? I’d say no, but they are definitely more fun to use and if it’s in you’re budget you might as well get one combo since you’ll always be wondering “what if” if you don’t.
This reel is ridiculous!!!!
Best casting reel you’ll ever own!
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Which high end gear is worth the price?
Megabass, ISUZU Kogyo, Brightliver, Abu Garcia and most high end surf fishing brands (example: ZeeBaas) for an example. Avoid Shimano Metanium DC (micromodule gears don’t work well with Shimano’s duralinum alloy).
7’2 H Adrena on a 7.2.1 Metanium. This combo is light as air, and sensitive as a cats whiskers. Absolute favorite setup by far.
They tend to go buzzy and geary fairly quick, so you’ll probably have to switch them out for brass gears. Micro module and shimano’s aluminum alloy doesn’t work well together unfortunately. That’s the very reason the new 2020 Metanium has brass gears in it instead.


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