Shimano Curado MGL

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  • Great for the price
  • Smooth and refined
  • Good casting performance
  • Loud when casted
  • Dual bearing pinion gear support


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Light weight
It’s louder on the cast than other curado reels. But it’s smooth and more refined than the slx mgl. I haven’t bought the 70 but this 150 has been a pleasure to fish with.
1 year ago
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I am sure this has been asked to death here but....can you help me pick out a bait caster?
Not your fault! This sub needs a FAQ.
I’d recommend the Shimano Curado 70 K MGL. The Curado DC isn’t compact enough and it’s really heavy. I think the CU MGL 70 is a more pleasant reel to fish for a whole day.
Absolutely love it
1 year ago
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New Black Friday bottom contact combo.
Megabass Braillist with Curado 71HG MGL. Tested it out with a football jig and it’s phenomenal. Better sensitivity than my 7’ MH Legend X. Can’t wait for winter to be over and take it out next season.
Shimano CURADO MGL 150 is HERE!!! Unboxing and Analysis... the best Curado EVER???
So this is definitely a reel that I could see myself using for walking top water lures as well as jerk baits for any technique that requires me to snap my wrist because it's so light and comfortable to Palm.
2 months ago
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I just got this reel yesterday so my three star rating is nothing more than a place mat; the need to put something in. This is more from an aesthetics angle. If you are hoping for a green reel or something that looks greenish, you will be disappointed. This is more like a charcoal or a dark gray ree...
Let's go fishing
10 months ago
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Black Friday Combo. Bass X and Curado MGL. Cant wait for spring
Love my Curado MGL. So smooth and I really like the larger handle.
HORRIBLE reel!!!
I cant believe Shimano let these JUNK reels go out the door. I returned the first because the gears didn't feel right, and the second reel was even WORSE!
Come on Shimano, where's the quality control!!! I'll take these back and get another Curado DC.
4 months ago
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Best baitcasting reel under $200 currently?
The Curado MGL 150 is definitely the best one at the moment.
I think the tatula sv tw has won me over
The reason I’m mentioning the MGL (150/151 and 70/71 size) is because they’re fairly light. Tatulas are generally lighter than the Curados, which is a plus, but the Tatulas aren’t lighter than the Curado MGLs. I would consider Daiwa’s spool and brakes superior, but the overall refinement the Curado offers in that price range is just better in my opinion. Otherwise I’m usually the one to pick Daiwa over anyone else, but at this price point, Shimano is a better choice for bass or redfin perch fishing.


Reel Type


Ball Bearings


Braided Line Capacity (lbs./yds.)

20/115, 30/105, 40/80

Mono Line Capacity (lbs./yds.)

10/105, 12/8, 14/70