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Seiko NH35

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They have instead chosen to stick that to watches costing $2000+. The movements Seiko are putting in most of their watches under $1500 are almost indistinguishable from the NH35 (with minor upgrades to the balance wheel and main springs for power reserve depending on the movement model) they supply to other brands. AliExpress brands can afford to put them in watches costing as low as $60. I expect much better from Seiko.
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[San Martin] SN020-G - Maybe one of the best watches for the given price out there, if you're not against a hommage. Pics in the comments, for those interested.
San Martin is great for the money. Especially it uses the NH35 you can buy other dials/hands and swap it out. It’s easy to customize since there are many parts for that movement.
[Invicta] big no no?
Just wear what you like.
This watch is great, and the NH35 is the best affordable movement.
I found it more stable and more accurate than the 6R15 (in my collection).
[Reef Tiger] my 18th birthday gift to myself
And both the quality and the value this watch offers is incredible. For $132 this watch offers sapphire Crystal with AR coating as well as a Seiko NH35 movement, very high quality bracelet and finishing that would put watches 3 times the price to shame. Specs aren't everything, the design of the watch is really well thought out (unlike many Chinese watches) it's well sized at 40mm diameter and 10.85mm thickness.
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SEIKO NH35 & NH36 REVIEW - All You Need To Know (4R35 / 4R36)
I think the movement is even better than the 7s26 and the movements that were there before, the fact that we have a fully jeweled movement, a partially redesigned automatic winding part of the watch, and still a very good accuracy for that price range of a movement. So my final thoughts about this is a movement that clearly continues to tradition of seiko automatic movements who are inexpensive, relatively easy to service, but will last almost forever. and for me, this is the biggest strength of this movement
Silly Vintage Watches
20 days ago
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[Chinese spacial] my mother insisted on buying me a birthday gift so i chose the cheapest watch i could find that is worth getting
I chose this pagani design watch I've had on my wish list for a while, specs wise it's the best watch around at the price, automatic Seiko nh35 movement, sapphire Crystal, ceramic bezel, solid links, end links and milled clasp. As with any watch specs aren't everything, this watch hugs the wrist nicely and the proportions are perfect for my wrist and it's as Accurate as any of my other watches.
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[Kuoe Old Smith] Beautiful field watch!
I love how their design and size inspired by british military watch, with just 35mm in diameter and applied thick numeral marker.. wear so comfortable and very legible!. You can choose between NH35 or Miyota 8215 movement, there is a date / no-date version of the watch. Price wise, they might be a bit pricey but i appreciate their design and size which really hard to find nowadays!
[Orient] Is it true that Orient parts are hard to get? How’s their servicing network?
If you're worried about getting replacement parts or movements Seiko is probably a better bet due to their wider distribution as well as the fact that they manufacture a bunch of movements that are sold separately to be used by other manufacturers. It's not very romantic but it's probably cheaper to just replace the movement in most mid-range Seikos than have them repaired. An NH35 costs something like 30 bucks. Paying a watchmaker for a few hours work to service a movement is going to be significantly more.
[Discussion] What watch do you think has the best value for money of bang for buck regardless of price?
Cadisen c1032g, you can find them for around $50. They have a Seiko nh35 movement, sapphire crystal, solid end link bracelet, and a nice case shape. Competes with watches 6x the price.
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SEIKO NH35 famous micro brands watch movement assembly
Here is some securing bridge [Music] [Music] [Music] Okay, it seems it works like it should. We can go on. So here we have the first covering plate and in this plate is in the same incorporated the spring for the date wheel for the date actually date dial [Music] We have the date tile [Music] Now we have to adjust the wheel in the correct position
ticking WATCH
20 days ago
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